What is the problem of frequent router crashes?

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Some network management reflects, in the use of Internet cafes routers, always encounter the situation of the router panic, and sometimes even frequent panic. How to solve the frequent crash of Internet bar router?

One, the number of Internet café router is not enough

1, routers have a maximum number of machines, for example, assuming that the router can take machine 10~20, but in the actual use of the process, with 10 machines will appear after the router down the panic, so we should pay attention to buy the number of routers and computers match, There is the use of the environment is not suitable for the use of purchased products, Internet cafes will appear frequent problems of the crash.

2, we can test the performance of the router through the Netiqchariot software, assuming that the router with 10 units, when the computer needs to access the Web page, in the browser to enter a domain name after the broadband router will initiate a session request, When the Web server receives the request, a response is returned to the broadband router, and a session is set up, and when the number of computers exceeds 15, the router is prone to panic.

To sum up, in the purchase of routers must be in accordance with their own number of machines and demand for comprehensive consideration.

Second, the Internet Café router poor route, virus intrusion

1, access to poor quality, virus and other problems are also caused by the router crash is an important reason, such as ADSL, its technology itself for the telephone line quality demand is very high, and in some old residential buildings, the use of older telephone lines, line quality itself for the basic function of the call is only barely cope with And how to ensure that the ADSL line is normal.

2, there is in the network if there is a computer virus will also cause the entire network paralysis, even some viruses will specifically attack the router, in the network to send broadcast packets, routers will be overloaded and caused by the router crash, and so on, we should carefully check whether the computer has a virus and so on.

Third, improper setting of Internet bar router

A lot of people for the Internet Café router settings are not very understanding, so because of improper settings caused by the frequent Internet cafes router crash is also very common, when meeting such problems, we should carefully look at the product instructions, or after-sales service personnel to communicate, In order to accurately determine the router off the line of the cause of the problem.

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