What is the process of Smss.exe in Win7?

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What is the Smss.exe process in the Win7 system?

The steps are as follows:

1, Smss.exe Process Description:

Smss.exe This process is a process that invokes the dialog management subsystem and is responsible for operating system dialogs. is used to birth system variables. The MS-DOS driver name resembles LPT1 and COM, calls the Win32 shell subsystem and runs in the Windows login process.

2. Can the Smss.exe be closed?

This smss.exe process is part of the operating system and is a process that is not easily closed, and you may have an unknown failure after you close the process. Because this program process is very important to the normal operation of the system.

3, Smss.exe is not a Trojan horse?

Because Smss.exe is a system process, but also may win32.ladex.a Trojan, if you appear in the process Smss.exe this process, but the process is not under the Windows System32 and servicepackfilesi386, then this is the wood The horse disguised as a smss.exe process at the mischief, it may attack your computer, steal the data and information on your computer. You need to be able to do it.

4, Smss.exe can not delete how to do?

Start by Smss.exe The virus process above your task Manager, and then delete the Smss.exe file under%windir%, and finally clear its dependencies in the registry and Win.ini file.

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