What is the program of Unity Web Player in the Win7 system?

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What is the program of Unity Web Player in the Win7 system?

If you install the Win7 did not install the software appears in the program, may not be pure system recommendations: The latest pure version of the system

What is the program of unity Web Player?

1, there is no detailed description of the program in the Win7 list of programs, and we use some software management software, such as the computer Butler's management software can be seen, the program is a browser extension of the following figure:

2, is actually a browser running Unity3d game engine release of the game plug-in, and Flash Player is very similar, safe non-toxic

3, you should play a certain web game installed, but also some users install some software or automatically installed after the installation, the current page tour part of the use of the plug-in.

So can unity Web player uninstall?

From the top we can know, this is just a browser plug-in, uninstall the plugin on the usual use does not have any effect, if it is playing a web game, even if it is uninstalled, if the game needs the plug-in support, then generally will automatically install again, so this plug-in is safe to uninstall.

Through the above explanation, I believe you understand the Unity Web Player program, know the Win7 system of unity Web Player is what program? can uninstall; I hope it helps.

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