What is the reason for automatic restart after computer shutdown?

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Symptoms of automatic Restart after shutdown: When the user clicks off the computer, the computer shuts down and restarts automatically, and the computer is never shut down.

Solution for automatic restart after shutdown:

Step one: Turn off the setting of the computer to automatically restart when a system error occurs right-click on "My Computer"--> Select "Properties"--> in the Pop-up System Properties dialog box, select the Advanced tab--> click "Settings" in the lower right corner of the "Startup and Recovery" item below- > In the pop-up "Startup and Recovery" dialog box, the "automatic reboot" front of the check off--> click "OK" exit;

Step Two: Click the "Start" menu--> Select "Run"--> enter "regedit" to open the registry--> in order to expand [Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindow Ntcurrentversionwinlgon] project, locate the "Powerdownaftershutdown" subkey on the right side of the Winlgon project--> Click the right mouse button to select "Modify"--> change the numeric data to "1"- > If you do not find the "Powerdownaftershutdown" subproject, you can right-click a new "Powerdownaftershutdown" item and set its data value to "1".

Step three: Open "Network Neighborhood"--> right click on "Local Area Connection" select "-->" click "Configuration (C)" On the General tab--> Select "Power Management"--> "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" tick, remove " Allow this device to leave the computer out of standby "click OK" in front of the check--> to exit.

If the above three steps are still unable to solve the shutdown after the automatic restart, computer shutdown automatically restart the problem, you can focus on the internal chassis of the CPU, video card, motherboard, memory is too high temperature, because the shutdown may occupy some of the resources caused by the hardware heating up, once the temperature exceeds the protection limit, The computer will automatically reboot, in other words, the computer automatically restarts when it is not completely closed, and should also cooperate with 360, Jinshan and other anti-virus software to the system for a comprehensive scan to eliminate the virus caused by the shutdown after the automatic restart, computer shutdown automatically restart the problem.

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