What is the reason for blue screen boot? Solution to computer blue screen

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Win7 blue screen error code solution

1. Start the computer first. On the system boot screen, the "F8" shortcut on the keyboard is displayed. Go to the boot menu option and try to enter "safe mode ".
If a program or driver is successfully installed, the blue screen may cause the last installed program or driver to unmount and restart the system, it should be ready for normal access.
2. If the above method is invalid and the security mode cannot be used in the same blue screen, you need to start the PE system on the USB flash disk or CD to help you. After entering the PE system, scan the hard disk first and check whether a blue screen is caused by bad sectors on the hard disk.
Usually the hard disk itself is prone to 00000024 failures. If it is detected that the hard disk is faulty, we recommend that you change it or return to the factory for warranty as soon as possible during the warranty period.
3. This method is actually the simplest. If the hard disk is not faulty, copy the important files in the PE System and reinstall the system.

Generally, if it is not a hard disk failure, it is mostly because of serious drive fragments, overloaded file I/O, third-party drive image software, or some antivirus software errors that cause 00000024 of the faults, after installing the system, you can solve the problem.

Solution to the blue-screen cpu problem

Under normal circumstances, the surface temperature of the CPU cannot exceed 50 ℃, otherwise it will shorten the life of the CPU. For CPU, 53 ℃ is already very high, which can easily cause system problems or hardware damage. According to the phenomenon analysis, the temperature rise is too high, the stable temperature is too high should be the CPU fan program problem, just need to replace a better quality CPU fan.

Computer poisoning blue screen method

Computer poisoning may cause application errors or the blue screen of the system to crash. In this case, we only need to disinfect the virus or reinstall the system.

Computation error caused by memory board incompatibility or damage

This is the most intuitive phenomenon, because it can often be seen when the machine is started, it cannot start the computer at all, the screen prompts that there is a problem with the memory, ask whether you want to continue. This error is caused by physical damage to the memory or incompatibility between the memory and other hardware. At this time, only another memory has been changed.

When the optical drive is reading the disk, it is abnormally opened

This phenomenon occurs when the optical drive is reading data, and the blue screen is displayed due to misoperation. This problem does not affect the normal operation of the system. You only need to attach the disc or press ESC.
The above are some of the reasons why I encountered blue screens during computer maintenance, and some other inexplicable problems may lead to blue screens on the computer. In any case, the cause of the problem should be carefully analyzed and then solved.

The remaining hardware space is too small or too many fragments

Because the hard disk is used as the virtual memory when running Win9X, the hard disk must be kept free space to ensure the normal operation of the program. Generally, a minimum of MB space should be guaranteed. Otherwise, the "blue screen" may be related to the small space remaining on the hard disk. In addition, too many fragments of the hard disk may also lead to the appearance of "blue screen. Therefore, it is necessary to perform fragment at intervals.

System hardware conflict

As a result, "blue screen" is also common. In practice, we often encounter settings conflicts between sound cards or display cards. In "control panel" & rarr; "system" & rarr; "device management", check whether a device with a yellow question mark or exclamation mark exists. If yes, try to delete it first, and restart the computer, which is automatically adjusted by Win9X. Generally, the problem can be solved. If not, you can manually adjust or upgrade the corresponding driver.

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