What is the reason for the slow opening of Win7 computer pages?

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One, the computer configuration is too low

1, the Computer configuration is too low to cause the computer to open the page too slow problem, you can view the computer configuration, view the CPU, memory occupancy rate and so on to judge. If the computer configuration is determined to be too low, it can be solved by upgrading the computer hardware.

2, the Computer Configuration view method: To find the computer icon on the computer, click the right mouse button pop-up drop-down menu, select Properties, you can view the basic configuration of the computer. Click on the "Task Manager" button in the left-hand menu bar to view the detailed configuration of your computer. Windows7 Tutorial

3, CPU, memory occupancy rate View method: The right mouse click on the taskbar, pop-up drop-down menu, click the "Launch Task Manager" option, open Windows Task Manager to view.

Second, the internet is too slow

1, the speed is too slow will also cause the computer to open the Web page too slow, this situation can be used to test the speed of software testing speed, if not ideal, can find local network operators to increase network bandwidth.

2, Speed test methods: Through the Baidu Guardian, 360 security guards and other software with the speed of the existing network to speed, but also through the network to download the speed test software.

Third, browser reasons

1, the browser cache too high can also cause the computer to open the Web page slow, so to often clean browser cache, but also to solve the computer to open the page too slow problem.

2, due to a wide range of browsers, each browser to clean the way the cache is not the same, the following Sogou browser as an example of how to clean up the browser cache.

Click the "Tools" button in the menu bar, pop-up drop-down menu, select the "Clear browsing record" option, open the Clear Browsing Record dialog box, choose to clear the page cache file.

Iv. Systemic issues

System poisoning or a vulnerability may also cause the computer to open the page too slow, at this time can be anti-virus software antivirus or upgrade system patches to repair system vulnerabilities.

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