What is the reason why the computer often freezes?

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Computer time is long, there will be such a phase of the problem, in theory, all the computer failure is nothing more than software failure and system failure. And during the use of the crash is a common computer failure. So what is the reason why the computer often freezes? The following small series for you to introduce, to see it!

We take the first soft after the hard removal steps.


First step, troubleshoot software failures

1, in all software failures, the virus accounted for 50%, we start anti-virus software overall antivirus.

2, remove useless garbage, software. (Suggestion: A computer only uses one kind of anti-virus software)

To use the system quickly and stably, we must remove the useless garbage and unnecessary software, we use the housekeeper's "clean up the garbage" function to operate, do not recommend manual cleaning garbage, unless you know all the system files.

3, disable redundant startup items, service items. Disable all non-essential.

4, update the hardware driver to the latest version. Hardware driver problems can also cause the panic, all updated to the latest version bar.

5, software failure Ultimate Law----reload system.

Haha, the above operation can not be solved, reload system, reload system also useless words, continue to look down.

Second, hardware troubleshooting

1, dust cleaning (very useful OH)

Dust, static electricity is the invisible killer of the computer, find a high-power blowing whatever, carefully clean it!

2, wipe the memory of gold fingers, memory contact is not good, static electricity, can be used eraser, a good control, both sides to rub, there will be unexpected effects.

3, again to the CPU plus heat-dissipating glue.

CPU heat is bad, the temperature is too high is the main principle of the crash restart, after cleaning up the dust, add a bit of heat dissipation glue it!

4, reset the motherboard BIOS settings. Restore the motherboard to factory settings, due to improper setting will bring some inexplicable wonderful fault.

5, check the mains voltage, computer computer input is normal and stable.

Check whether the city is 180v--230vi between the two, too low, too high will cause the computer crash restart, or even burned the motherboard.

Check whether the computer power supply is insufficient, aging, using a multimeter to detect whether +12-5 +5 is normal, or directly with a new test.

After the above steps can not solve the problem, ready to the renminbi, the old do not come, the new do not go, change it!

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