What is the role of cryptographic software?

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Information age, enterprise data leakage incidents, to enterprises and individuals caused a certain crisis. People start to worry about their own data security, and how to maintain the security of data information? With the occurrence of data leakage events, encryption software came into being, and the market of a wide range of encryption brands, but also become a problem for people to choose
What is the role of cryptographic software? Today, the encryption software vendor answers your questions.
Prevent external, internal causes of data loss or data leakage. Ensure the security of data and information.
Relatively isolated computer, broken network, cancel USB interface These measures, the use of encryption software can minimize the impact on personnel work, will not reduce productivity. Now there are some encryption software on the market more advanced technology, such as the use of kernel-driven file encryption technology, 256-bit high-strength encryption algorithm. Encrypted files are normally interacted with in-house files, and once they are not authorized to disengage from the unit network, the files appear garbled or cannot be opened.
Standardize the use of employee actions
Encrypted software files, in the specified environment can be used normally, not allowed to get out of the environment, garbled. Golden Armor Encryption software after installation does not change the operator's use of the data files at the same time to encrypt, strictly control the use of data files, to prevent employees at random copying, outgoing data files and many other operations.
Avoid computer loss and data leakage when related personnel travel.
Avoid the possible loss of the USB flash drive to copy each other.
Random printing caused by a file leak.
Avoid sending files via chat or email
"Wind Austrian Technology" to provide professional data leakage prevention solutions.

What is the role of cryptographic software?

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