What is the Svchost.exe process? Svchost.exe can you turn it off?

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What is the Svchost.exe process?

Svchost.exe is a system program that belongs to Microsoft's Windows operating system, and Microsoft's official explanation is that Svchost.exe is the generic host process name for a service running from a dynamic-link library (DLL). This program is very important to the normal operation of the system and cannot be terminated.

Svchost.exe Process Information

Process file: Svchost or Svchost.exe
Process Name: Generic Host process for Win32 Services
Process Category: System process
Location: C:/windows/system32/svchost.exe
English Description: Svchost.exe is a system process belonging to the Microsoft Windows operating system which handles processes executed From DLLs. This are important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should don't be terminated. Note:svchost.
Produced by: Microsoft Corp.
Belongs to: Microsoft Windows operating System
System process: Yes
Background program: Yes
Network Related: Yes
Common errors: No
Memory Usage: No
Security Level (0-5): 0
Spyware: No
Advertising software: No
Virus: No
Trojan: No

Svchost.exe Process Purpose Description

Svchost.exe can exist in several simultaneous, Windows 20,001-like 2 svchost processes, one is the RPCSS (Remote Procedure Call) service process, and the other is a svchost.exe shared by many services. And in Windows XP, There are generally more than 4 Svchost.exe service processes, after XP in the system is more (WIN7 is generally 6, but the number of all systems are not absolute, sometimes a little bit is also normal phenomenon, is not the virus can not be unfounded, need to use a reasonable method to judge), you can see more system built in service to a total The way to enjoy the process by Svchost is a trend of Ms. This reduces the consumption of system resources to some extent, but also provides some destabilizing factors, because the service of any one shared process causes all services in the entire process to exit because of a bad exit process. The process cannot be terminated with Task Manager, and if the tool is forced to terminate it is immediately prompted and shut down automatically (if not, the process has a problem, but do not attempt to terminate the process easily!) )。
In addition, there are a lot of windows7 (64-bit) systems, There is a svchost.exe in the SysWOW64 folder (within the Windows folder) under the system disk, even if there is no need to panic, there is no evidence that this is a suspicious file, most security tools do not indicate that it is problematic, and it has complete information (version number, Company, etc.), which should be a system process, so don't worry.

computer boot prompts Svchost.exe process error

Method One: Problems caused by hardware

1. The Memory bar is broken (mostly second-hand memory)
2. Memory with quality problem is used
3. Memory plugged into the gold finger part of the motherboard too much dust
4. Use different brands of memory with different capacities, resulting in incompatibilities
5. The cooling problem caused by overclocking. You can use the Memtest software to detect memory, it can completely detect the stability of the memory.

Method Two: If the problem is caused by software

1, check whether there are trojans or viruses in the system. Such programs often irresponsibly modify the system in order to control the system, resulting in operating system exceptions. It is necessary to strengthen the awareness of information security and never be curious about the executable program with unknown source.
2, update the operating system, so that the operating system installation program to copy the correct version of the system files, correction system parameters. Sometimes the operating system itself will have bugs, and be careful to install an official release upgrade.
3, try to use the latest official version of the application, Beta, trial version will have bugs.
4. Delete and recreate the files in the Winnt/system32/wbem/repository folder: On the desktop, right-click My Computer, and then click Manage. Under Services and applications, click Services, and then close and stop the Windows Management Instrumentation service. Deletes all files in the Winnt/system32/wbem/repository folder. (Create a backup copy of these files before you delete them.) Open Services and applications, click Services, and then open and start the Windows Management Instrumentation service. When the service restarts, the files are re-created based on the information provided in the following registry key: Hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/wbem/cimom/autorecover MOFs

What to do if the Svchost.exe process consumes CPU 100%

1.svchost.exe process is not necessarily a virus. Many friends are not familiar with the Svchost.exe process, occasionally in the task Manager once see a number of the same process, think of their computer virus, in fact, is not so! Normally, there can be multiple Svchost.exe processes running at the same time in the Win OS, such as Windows 2000 with at least 2 svchost processes, more than 4 or more in Windows XP, and more in Windows 2003. So when you see multiple svchost processes, it's not necessarily a virus! Svchost.exe starts the system service by invoking a dynamic-link library (DLL) for some system services, so the presence of svchost.exe is actually the result of other processes.

2 know the known. The key value of the Svchost.exe is in "Hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windowsnt/currentversion/svchost", Each key value represents a separate Svchost.exe group. So you can determine whether you are poisoned by this position:

3 the same, normal Svchost.exe program in: "C:/windows/system32" directory, if you found in other directories Svchost.exe program, it is likely to be poisoned. If you suspect that your computer may be infected with a virus, Svchost.exe services can find anomalies by searching for Svchost.exe files.

4 Microsoft also provides us with a way to see how the system is running services in the Svchost.exe list. For example, in Windows XP: In Run, enter: cmd, and then enter in the command line mode: Tasklist/svc. The system lists the list of services. If you are using a Windows 2000 system, the previous "tasklist/svc" command is replaced with the following: "Tlist-s" can be, check out and kill with Taskkill to try:

5 with the tasklist command to view the detailed, you can also use a third-party progress to view the software, or Microsoft provided in the Sysinternalssuite package in the Procexp.exe Process Viewer to observe the decision, for the uncertain process recommended "Kill process Tree "Kill:

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