What is the Taskhost.exe process?

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Taskhost.exe process is a Windows7 process, is responsible for the Windows7 run plan, simply can also be called the Planning task program, this program is also a new Windows7 characteristics, through this program can set up the system of the relevant operations, so that the operating system to the time on the implementation of your set of phase The shutdown is very handy if the scheduled task that is scheduled to close this process will fail. But sometimes the Taskhost.exe process can account for half the CPU usage, and then we need to turn it off.

1, Taskhost.exe storage path for the X:windowssystem32 directory, this process is a normal system process. If found Taskhost.exe not in the X:windowssystem32 directory, it must be a virus or Trojan horse program. (x represents system installation disk)

2, the next small series for you to explain how to shut down the process in Windows environment. First click Start, enter in the search box: Taskschd.msc, and then double-click to open the program.

3, then the Task Scheduler dialog box pops up, double-click the Task Scheduler Library in the dialog box, and then under the Task Scheduler Gallery, double-click Microsoft, and then double-click Widows

4, then double-click "Widows" appears under the "RAC" folder, at this point in the middle of the dialog box will appear a called Ractask.

5, then double-click "Ractask", at this time the system will pop up a "Ractask Properties" dialog box, in the dialog box click "Trigger."

6, in the "Trigger" interface will (indefinitely restart every hour) selected, and then click "Delete", as shown in the picture.

7, delete the successful click "OK" can be, and then you will find that at this time your memory will not be able to soar to 80% or 90%.

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