What is the value of a domain name-fuzzy ART in Domain Name authentication

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What is the value of a domain name-fuzzy ART in Domain Name authentication
Domain Name speculators refer to those who hold multiple domain names and make money by transferring them. I am not a domain name speculator, but I once had to buy a domain name from someone else, and I was entrusted by a customer to negotiate the purchase of a domain name, And now I still have a domain name waiting for sale. Whether you like it or not, marketing sometimes has to enter another exotic world-the post-market for buying and selling domain names.

The biggest problem is, of course, the value of a domain name. How much can a specific domain name cost? Carefully review the list of domain names on auction sites such as afternic.com or greatdomains.com. You will notice that there are no domain names like "dogs, all are domain names that seem to have some value or value. But if there are so many valuable domain names, why have they been sitting on the auction site for several months without one bidding? Pay attention to this. Only when a specific buyer is interested in a specific domain name will he be willing to search for and purchase it at a high price.

Now there is a new technical field on the Internet-Domain Name authentication, which experts will evaluate the value of a specific domain name. One company claimed that it had completed 100,000 domain name verification. It's amazing! Of course, these certifications are not a guarantee, but a comment or a view. In the process of appraisal, each expert will undoubtedly try to use some objective criteria as the criteria for judging the process. At the same time, he must add some subjective opinions based on his previous experience. Although different Appraisers often make different identifiers, their starting points are all three elements: domain name structure, word influence, and market nature.

It sounds a bit like my recent point in "how to select a domain name for your company." -- http://www.wilsonweb.com/wmt5/domain-select.htm. But this is actually the result of another different perspective, that is, the value of understanding in the free market. Theoretically, When you select a domain name, you should start from your company rather than the market value of the domain name. However, Domain Name authentication focuses on the market value of the domain name in the free market.

I am not trying to write a new appraisal criterion here. You can find many good ideas on this site.Article. I just want to list an outline of the domain name value judgment logic.

I. Structure
What is most likely to be evaluated is the overall structure of the domain name. This is also the easiest way to determine the specific amount.

1. About ".";
In the United States, ". com" domain names are considered to be the best, while the value of the same ". Net" domain name is only 20% ~ 25%, ". org" is only 10%.

2. domain names starting with "I-", "e-", and "V;
Joann vandesart of domainiq.com believes that domain names with "I-", "e-", and "V-" as the first domain names are less valuable than those without the first domain names. Domain names that contain "the", "and", "-est", or "-ing" are less valuable than those that do not contain these words.

3. domain name length;
Generally, the shorter the domain name, the more valuable it is. Generally, domain names with more than 15 characters are relatively undesirable.

Hyphens (-) and numbers also weaken the domain name's comprehensibility and reduce the value of the domain name.


Ii. Influence
Next, the domain name should be evaluated based on the overall influence of the domain name. All the appraisers try to be true and objective, but in fact there are some subjective influences that are inevitable.

1. domain names that are easy to understand have higher value.
For example, a domain name such as Google cannot bring about high returns, because it is not a common word or word. The value of a domain name comes from the market. Domain names such as "business.com", "ForSaleByOwner.com", and "Monster.com" are easier to understand. For example, "cars4sale.com" is still understandable. "cars4u.com" is worse than the former, and "411cars4u.com" is the worst.

2. The relationship with the business is another factor.
If a domain name shows at a glance what products or services it can provide, the value of this domain name will increase. For example, from the perspective of the relevance of the telecom business, "Monster.com" does not have relevance in this business field, the Smart Market has long chosen a word that is easy to understand to better express the postal website. "phone.com", "garden.com", and "art.com" can score a high score in terms of business relevance, "Monster.com" is relatively poor.

3. Clear Pronunciation is also important.
Is it difficult to confuse this domain name when it is played from the broadcast? Can people spell the domain name correctly within two or three times based on the pronunciation? Domain names that are not easy to be confused in pronunciation have higher value. For example, "beyond.com" is clearly pronounced, and "there.com" is easily confused with "their.com.

4. A positive tone will also increase the value of the domain name.
"Gobeyond.com" gives people the feeling that this website is everywhere for others and for customers. "Cheap.com" is easy to confuse, and customers may think I should find a better place to shop.

5. Impact and easy memory are also important.
Does the domain name have a profound impact on you? What is your first impression of it? Is it easy to confuse with other domain names in your memory? Tell your friends the domain name and ask them if they still remember the domain name one day later? Domain Name impact is relatively more subjective, but this is an important aspect of Domain Name authentication.


Iii. Market
You can have the domain name with the clearest pronunciation and most easily remembered in the world. The next question is, who will be interested in purchasing this domain name? Will they spend money on Purchasing Domain names? This is a good question-"How much is a venture capitalist willing to spend on this domain name ?" Today, when these venture capitalists tighten their pockets, can the price of astronomical domain names still last? Another problem is: five years later, when ". com" domain names are no longer generic and are regarded as antiques, how much is the price of today's domain names?

1. The possibility of the buyer's business.
Domain names such as beyond.com that are truly flexible have a greater market. But in fact, most domain names prefer a specific business. Some enterprise departments with high-value stocks are more likely to spend money to buy domain names, such as the automobile industry. "The possibility of buyer's business" is the closest thing for Domain Name authentication to the real industry. Solutionhome.com and hitdomains.com provide the top 10 departments with the most active risk capital flows and e-commerce transactions: (1) Business, (2) Telecommunications, (3) finance, (4) entertainment/music, (5) software, (6) retail, (7) health care, (8) medical equipment, (9) consumer services, (10) ecological technology. However, simply focusing on an influential Enterprise Department does not mean that a domain name can be worth more money. Its value will also be affected by many other companies in the industrial sector, such as suppliers of large companies. These factors lead to re-estimation of the value of the domain name.

2. development potential.
Can this domain name be applied to a site that is recognized in a short period of time? Does this domain name describe the content of a commercial activity on the Internet? If the answer is yes, the value of this domain name will be more impressive. Can this domain name become a trademark? If the answer is yes, the value of this domain name will increase greatly.

3. Trademark conflicts.
You are careful with every step. However, purchasing a domain name may still infringe upon others' trademark rights or be involved in complicated business conflicts. This dramatically reduces the value of domain names. In this regard, you should first check with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office or the relevant database of your country. Http://trademarks.uspto.gov

4. Current Traffic and income.
If the domain name points to a real site, how many visits does the website have? How many other websites direct to this website? The higher the access traffic, the more valuable the domain name is. If the website has a good income, the value of the domain name will rise again.

5. comparability.
Identification in real industries depends on the comparison of similar industries. The price of neighboring industries is an important reference. However, on the Internet, it is difficult to find a reference because the purchase price of a domain name does not have to be registered with the National clerk. You can refer to the following domain names sold with millions of members, such as aotos.com, $2,200,000; loans.com, $3,000,000; drugs.com, $823,456; speaker.com, $120,000. (Here you can see more reference price: http://www.domainiq.com/domainprices.htm ).

There is a shortcut for similar reference, that is, viewing quotations for similar domain names between various auction websites. In addition, you can view the list of expired domain names and see how websites with similar domain names do this. In the afternic.com survey, you can look at the ratings of amateur domain name Appraisers for similar domain names.
In http://www.afternic.com/index.cfm? A = The afternic auction column of research, you can see that similar domain names have obtained the number of bids, and the lowest bidding price. Http://www.afternic.com/index.cfm? A = auctions of course, it is very difficult to get accurate to a specific number, but here you can find some clues about the value of domain names. At the same time, retrieve the list of expired Domain Names (you need to pay a certain amount of reservation) to see if there are available domain names that have been abandoned by the original owner. In http://www.unuseddomainnames.com/you can find the free resources related to yell creative. Http://www.yellcreative.com/expired_names.htm

The above are several factors that affect the specific value of a domain name in the free market. As you expected, Domain Name authentication is affected by fluctuations in many factors. What is the value of a domain name? The answer is yes only after the buyer and the seller reach an agreement. The results obtained through other means can only be speculation with a certain scientific basis.

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