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The touch screen interface and hidden navigation structure of Windows 8 allow for some interesting user experience manipulation changes. Recently I was rethinking an enterprise-class medical software Windows8.1 application. and have some very interesting insights.

This article roughly looks at the common WINDOWS8 application search, navigation and layout patterns. I will put forward innovation and my own opinion on the aspect that I like. This also applies to your own project and any user interface.


The Windows8.1 application used prior to this is searched within the application and placed on the inside of the screen (recommended for global search).

And now the Windows8.1 application search is on the page, as shown in the following illustration:

User interface and Web search

  My way.

A good rule of thumb is to consider functionality from the user experience side. After we have done a preliminary prototype, some users will find that clinicians in

Depends largely on the search.

  Manufacturing innovation

In this example, the dropdown small black triangle is used as the selection button. Users can select the part they are interested in to narrow the search scope of the results.

  UI interface

Who is your product user? This is the key to the search, and then consider the main features of the UI (if the user experience is critical, it should include an in-app search).


I'm not going to let WINDOWS8 's navigation look bad. A concrete example goes through the mind: semantic scaling. May be the least known, but the function is very

Powerful, it gives you the opportunity to display data in another situation.

Semantic scaling functionality throughout the context

  My way.

On the landing page there are many tiles, slices, and cubes to access different content, including tiles to remember the previous user's selections. Our users come from a number of different

Clinical background, so we need to customize to meet these groups.

  Manufacturing innovation

Semantic scaling not only gives the advanced view all the options, but also closes the view for users that they never use, and the reorganization based on important elements.

In our project, there are different snippets of customized key user groups.

  UI interface

If some novice users want to customize the user interface. Ask your developers about the technical limitations and possibilities. A collaborative team is more "design" than a person's application

Programs are more effective.


The layout has a large number of available dialog box options. You will determine the use of the content and structure of the application.

  My way.

In the example above, you can see that the template I chose is an application that fits the file selection feature. The application is a valid document reader.

Patient List Layout

  Manufacturing innovation

The Patient list page uses different layouts, and the multiple tile elements that apply translation and selection.

  UI interface

Content is the core of experience, a large content-driven application usually has a layered structure, so a lot of information at the beginning is very advanced, and as a user it

The progress is much more detailed.

The content flow of Windows 8 is a translation of the content block. It is an easy way to reduce the amount of noise on the page and let the user use touch gestures to explore.

  Conclusion Conclusion

Windows 8 is a unique user interface platform, and its features and benefits are for user touch and mobile services.

It has a good structure of navigation that makes it easy for users to discover and help search for information architecture clues, and to open and close pages.

grids, templates, and layout styles have been put together by user experience specialists.

However, there will always be some customization that will evolve into frameworks and improvements, including basic searches on the page.

Windows8.1 application design is more widely used. This article is just a surface that touches 8.1 of the application Design pattern window. What do you have in mind?

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