What kind of bull are Google companies?

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1 Vinton Cerf: A cooperative designer who is known as the father of the Internet, the TCIP/IP protocol and the Internet architecture. He started working for Google October 3, 05, the post of "Chief Internet officer".

2 Joshua Bloch: Known as the Java Godfather, author of effective Java Java Puzzle, one of the main developers of JSR175 standard LEADER,J2SE 1.5.

3 Guido The father of Van Rossum:python. Google's use of Python's acme of Excellence, with the father of Python to join, certainly doubled.

4 Andrew Morton:linux, figure number second. Its job at Google is still to maintain the linux2.6 kernel

5 Mark Lucovsky:windows, the core designer. I do not know if met Morton will not quarrel:-)

6 author of Bram Moolenaar:vim

7 main developers of Darin Fisher:mozilla project

8 Sean Egan:gaim Development team's leader

9 Greg Stein:apache Project main developer, chairman of the Apache Foundation

Udi Manber:amazon's A9 search team director

ROB Pike,plan 9 OS main developer

Chief architect of Adam Bosworth:bea

Larry Brilliant: Internet pioneer philanthropist, responsible for google.org

Andy Hertzfeld: Once a core member of the Macintosh Research and development team

The inventor of Louis monier:internet search, the former development director of ebay

Adndrew W Moore: Professor of information and robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, who will be responsible for Google's new lab in Pittsburg

Alan Davidson:centre for Democracy & Technology, who handles the relationship between Google and the U.S. government

Ben Goodger:firefox's main designer (Google has joined Microsoft)

Danny Thorpe, Delphi developer, former Borland chief scientist

Alexander Limi, founder of Plone

David Presotto, founder of Plan 9

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