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Title, static son summary, in short: on their own requirements, planning for the future, solid technology and deep, there are bright spots.

Quiet son recently interviewed some classmates, so want to summarize summed up. Today talk about the understanding of the above general statement and demonstrate why the criteria for employing this.

Have a request for yourself

Recently often let small meat do some things. After two days of small meat is going to raise the primary school interview, I think that things can be done on the resume to write a brilliant pen:

Will do PPT

Often helps well-known Internet company technical experts to solve online problems together

Little fresh meat is really doing the above two things, a little trouble all. It is possible that many of the PPT in the human brain is at least this way:

And the small meat of the PPT is like this:

And this way:

And the common human brain solves the problem on the line at least this way:

This design can be used in the simplest way, because it is the core link, and the biggest requirement is stability. So we can adopt three-segment strategy: Admittance design, core design and backstop design ...

And the small meat to do is:

The sonar code check framework checks for some problems: constants are placed on the right side of the equals sign, and I watch him swap positions.

Some sonar inaccurate, so let the small meat point: resolve as not fix ...

And I actually see in the Internet development practitioners, the gap between their own requirements is really so big.

There are a lot of interviewers who have written on their resumes familiar with the familiar one, and seem to have breadth. The so-called familiarity, my understanding is:

1. Read some of the main source code to understand the implementation logic;

2. have done and other similar products and tools industry research and comparison, understand its advantages and disadvantages;

3. Follow up on several versions of the new features

4. Can use profiling method to describe its main structure

5. Ability to follow up specific application scenarios for parameter optimization

6. Ability to optimize and expand when necessary

7. Ability to fix its vulnerabilities or bugs

And actually see ..., everybody think about it. For the particularly serious of the bad, from the side also showed some of their own requirements. This may occur in future work where some mentors are very dissatisfied with their output. But the performer feels very wronged, feel oneself do good, do not understand its problem.

Have a plan for the future

Quiet son very early took reverse telecommuting, work has been dry out, to the most profitable time, is the maintenance phase. Why is this stage the most profitable? Because a job tens of thousands of dollars a day and night to dry for a period of time, there will be technical problems and what. Maintenance phase, a small change will have to pay thousands of dollars maintenance fee, in fact, a few lines of code to get it done. But quiet son but at this time quit, because the project is busy, technical difficulties have no, boring, I was not to make money.

At that time, I was thinking of one thing, is actually people most afraid is I this is not for the money, because there is no chips can achieve in-depth long-term cooperation purposes.

Static son in fact usually and everyone together is also a patient, willing to work together with you win. If there is a plan for the future, at least we can discuss together our work and personal planning of win. Personal growth is also good for the company. The last thing the company wants to see is that people are trained and gone. This kind of pain lets the static son to think of a poem: "Bitter hate every year to pressure needle sewing, for others to do the wedding clothes." ”

Solid and deep technology

A team wants to thrive, and one recruiting principle is that later people are at least above the average level of the original team.

Reason: The team must be positive, at least in the process of work to gain. A classmate who needs someone to output and instruct, like an "absorbing person" constantly absorbing the light and heat of others, obviously not using the development of the team.

Team to introduce new talent in addition to the need for division of labor, there is a purpose, is: "Water does not rot bookworm", "ask the canal that is clear so, for have fountainhead come." The team needs to stay active and needs fresh talent.

There are highlights

Focus on the highlights of this one, the highlight is a very broad content.


For example, for fresh students or special young students: Smart people are also a bright spot.

Static son said before 09 years before Renren, at that time technology compared slag, but Japanese particularly good, at that time two side leader said the current technology is not particularly critical, is to find a smart, and team to grow together.

But smart as a bright spot is limited to low cost and young.

Because the rest of the situation if the person is smart or nothing to take the other highlights, can only explain: the heart of the people do not work.

is likely to be "Cao Ying Han" The kind of Person: "Xu Jianjin Cao Camp, without a word", to Caocao no use. Not as Guandu as the Battle of the Xu Yu to kill the frustration, but also save some food. Of course, the matter belongs to the theory. Individual or very regret the talent and personality of such talents have not played a greater role in history.

Have an idea

There is a place where ideas are expressed.

For example, in a design can put forward some different ideas. Because sometimes a designer's approach may be appropriate, not necessarily optimal. We can explore together and strive to make better products.

For example, can be in some specific things to others to guide, open other people's ideas.

For example, you can think of some other people have not thought of improvement points, better improve their projects.

Clear technical expertise

This should be the main source of the bright spot for the average person. For example, my God. In the probe and big data monitoring this piece has a very advanced research and a very perfect set of personal methods. This is a big bright spot. General targeted posts urgently need this expertise to join the students.

Soft quality

In addition, some soft qualities can be a bright spot if they reach a certain realm. For example, there is a strong self-driving force, the pursuit of technology, the position of the candidates have a strong practice may be a bright spot.

It may be that some of them are two-edged swords. It is necessary to examine the aspects of its utilization.

For example, static children often in the middle of the night to all kinds of technical solutions want to be excited to sleep and write blog. If the purpose of blogging is to improve personal influence, it is of no value to the team. That this person's pattern is relatively low, this also cannot be a bright spot. If you want to be able to quickly set up a team, through the blog on the output, through the idea of the team to get some positive energy new, there is a gripper to the team to select the best talent. Well, this is a bit of value, can be one of the highlights.


Have the requirements for themselves, planning for the future, a solid deep technology, there are bright spots. The need for these points can also be explained by the smart principle.

The smart principle is a guiding principle when planning and assigning tasks:

s stands for specific (specific)

M stands for measurable (measurable)

A stands for attainable (attainable)

R represents relevance to the final goal (relevant)

T stands for definite deadlines (time-bound)

Our task is concrete and measurable, requiring candidates to have a requirement for themselves, or at least one measure of doing things for themselves is greater than the norm.

Our mission is achievable and goal-related and requires your highlight expertise and future planning to play a broad and consistent role on this platform.

Our task is to have deadlines, technology solid deep, otherwise "paddle", the timing of unequal people, really can not wait in this modern era "drill wood to take fire", "Tiching".

About the author

Jing Er, graduated from the computer department of Northeastern University at the age of 20. After graduating from the first company due to outstanding language talent, in 1 years from the zero start to learn Japanese and ultra-high scores passed the international Japanese first-level examination, as a two-year Japanese translation work. After employment in Renren, transformation to do Internet development. Graduate student in psychology, CAs. There are nearly hundred technical invention patents, venture partner. We have technical support experience in Tokyo, Japan and Silicon Valley, USA. Currently the United States Group reviews Technical experts (Welcome to pay attention to the personal technology of static children: Programming Life), heart article can refer to my "New automation management of the training"

The technical exchange can pay attention to my github:github.com/xiexiaojing

Pay attention to the static children of the public number, irregular cartoon technology push ~

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