What languages does dynamic website Web development use? PHP, ASP, or ASP. NET

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What languages does dynamic website Web development use? PHP, ASP, or ASP. NET. This is
Frequently asked questions, and it is easy to bring people into the debate about Linux or Windows going astray. This debate actually reflects the parallel analysis of competing web development technologies.
This difficulty is greatly increased by developers' opinions on any comparable operating systems.

Let's take a look at the advantages of each technology for specific web development and runtime environments. Although ASP and PHP are more similar than any of them
We still want to discuss ASP. NET. The reason is that developers often confuse ASP with ASP, and with Microsoft's efforts, ASP. NET will indeed replace ASP in the future.

Basic Theory-Overview of features

ASP-dynamic service page (Active Server Pages)

Microsoft introduces ASP to Windows NT Server 4 and uses it as IIS
Default platform for Dynamic Web applications under Web servers. Because it uses VBScript (visual
(A branch of the basic language), ASP is immediately familiar with Microsoft ide-Visual
Studio programming developers are sought after. With the continuous development of scripting language, the researchers did not introduce too many functions to ASP to join the technical competition. Therefore, we can see in PHP that
Various image operations and other functions are not integrated into ASP. However, developers can still write (or install) third-party COM objects in the form of DLL files to do similar work. Allowed by the server itself
In this way, you can write code to complete any action. Of course, the drawback is that, in order to configure these services, developers have to interact with the desktop system-for Web developers
This function is not required.

The advantage of ASP is that Microsoft servers are almost everywhere in the enterprise environment. In addition, MS SQL
Server also has a wide market and supports ASP (which is not surprising ). Although in fact, ODBC can be compatible with any data source
Server and file DSN access can be implemented at the code level.

PHP -- hypertext pre-processor)

PHP is an open-source scripting language on the server, which is similar to the C language in syntax. Although it was initially designed for Linux-based Apache Web
Server System. php has been transplanted to any operating system and is compatible with any standard web server software. From this, we can also find three major advantages of PHP. First, it is a cross-platform technology, so
PHP applications can be easily transplanted-of course, it depends on additional components that need to be integrated, such as the vendor-specific database. This portability also brings another advantage, that is, the vast majority
Web host providers support PHP, so it is very convenient to change the host as needed.

Second, because PHP has many similarities with the C programming language, it is very easy for developers who are familiar with the relevant syntax to get started with PHP,
JavaScript and Perl. Third, because it is an open-source product, PHP will continue to develop rapidly. More importantly, related vulnerability patches will be implanted to the core library on a regular basis for free.

In addition, under some specific programming needs, PHP is more attractive to developers. First, PHP has an internal database to support direct creation of images and PDF documents and related operations
. This means that when an application call contains-
When you dynamically create menu images for aliased text or export pages in Acrobat format, PHP is an ideal technology to solve this problem. Although these functions are theoretically acceptable
It is obtained through other technologies competing with PHP, but often other technologies require third-party custom components to be installed.

Another point that makes PHP the best choice for writing server scripts is that PHP performs well when dealing with problems such as connecting to mysol or ipvs databases. Although
The mysol or ipvs database can be accessed through
ASP technology is implemented through ODBC connections, but this usually requires additional configuration by the system administrator. Fortunately, this restriction is corrected in ASP. NET. When you need to create
Data can be provided through MySQL during direct database connection of SQL Server.


The debate on choosing ASP or PHP is becoming increasingly redundant with the rise of. net. Indeed, the arguments over the past few years will follow the selection of Java or. NET Technology (or two
The answer is revealed and ended.
ASP and ASP. NET use VBscript. For. Net alone, it can use VBScript and about 20 other languages.

For ASP and PHP, ASP. NET is considered another language because it runs on a completely different architecture. The former is the translation script language, while. NET is compiled.
Framework. This means that the running speed of the web page will be greatly improved first. At the same time, the source code is safer and more robust. In addition, ASP. NET brings new
Concept-the idea of "code-behind page. According to the code-behind idea, every HTML page is driven by compiled procedural commands. Because
Here, HTML -- or the presentation layer -- is largely separated from the business logic of the application. Although such separation can also be implemented through PHP and ASP, it is not the same as ASP. NET.
It is a major part of its own technology.

Another advantage of ASP. NET is that it fully integrates various support for XML and web services. For. Net, a wide range of security and password system libraries can be used, which is applicable to financial machines.
Organization and enterprise data applications are particularly useful. In terms of defects, even experienced developers may find that using. NET may confuse themselves. Developers are not considered familiar with the programming languages used.
To be informed, a significant increase in the difficulty of program examples may become a major obstacle for Web developers to integrate into ASP. NET. For ASP. NET applications, the host is also
Problem: ASP. NET is not widely supported by host providers like ASP or PHP and cannot compete at the same level.

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