What memory does Intel Core i3 3220 Support

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Question: I want to know how to choose the Intel Core i3 3220 (box) processor installed should choose what kind of memory, how to build dual-channel mode of memory cost best, memory selection of how much appropriate.

Answer: The Intel Core i3 3220 processor is an Ivy Bridge processor and is a third generation processor in the core I series. Core I series third-generation processor-supported memory is DDR3 1333/1600mhz processor, so it is recommended to choose DDR3 1600MHz memory to achieve good performance. Part of the situation is the use of DDR3 1600MHz memory installed after the use of Cpu-z software to view memory when the display is DDR3 1333MHz, for this situation need to manually to the motherboard to adjust the frequency of memory.

Of course, the Intel Core i3 3220 processor does not support memory overclocking, even if the motherboard can support memory overclocking, forced overclocking will also occur due to compatibility problems, a small profit.

Intel Core i3 3220 Processor built-in memory controller, according to the data given by Intel is able to support the maximum 32GB of memory, some motherboards have less than 4 memory slots, according to the current 8GB single memory is unable to achieve maximum 32GB memory. Measuring the performance of Intel Core i3 3220 processors When choosing memory Select two 4GB DDR3 1600MHz of memory to build dual-channel mode of memory, the total memory of 8GB enough for any application of the daily.

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