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Make PPT, most people use Microsoft PowerPoint, in its new version 2013, added a lot of bright features, such as page switching animation increased, the conversion of video format to increase the MPEG format, graphics editing features increased split function, and so that text and graphics can be edited directly together, The path animation adds a preview effect, and the animation playback options are increased to play all, play custom animations, play the options, and so on. Another package, it on the PS and AI Affinity also increased, you can put graphics objects directly from the PS or AI drag into the ppt.

In a short space, it is impossible to cover all the new features, and I would like to give you a demonstration of the most interesting and practical functions.

  Make a different text effect in PPT

From the 2010 version, PPT has added some specific graphics editing features, but these features from the "file → options → custom Ribbon" found, and added, and then can be used. The 2013 edition adds a "split" graphic editing feature, and text and graphics can be edited together. Let's first share how to invoke these features.

Click the "files → options → custom ribbon → new tab" in the 2013 PPT feature option, name the New tab "graphic Editor" or your favorite name, and create a new group to rename the new group. Then, click the Drop-down button in custom Ribbon, select commands from the following location.

In the Drop-down list, select commands that are not in the ribbon. There are a lot of commands, we choose the "cut", "union", "Intersect", "Mix" and "split" commands that are associated with graphic editing, and click the Add button each time you select one. Add each of these commands to the new group in the New tab. Notice here that these commands are not lumped together and we need to find one of them in the options and add one. Add all, and click OK.

  Special effects Show 1: text for fruited effect

Here we demonstrate how to "pull" the text out of the rectangle, just like fruited. Write a word in the text box, and then make a rectangle larger than the text, and put the text into the rectangle. At this point, first select the rectangle, and then hold down the CTRL key, then select the text, click the "Cut" function button, immediately fruited the text in the rectangle. This effect is difficult to do before the 2013 version, and now it is easy.

  Special effects Show 2: Embedded background in text

A more dramatic new feature is "split", after splitting the shapes and text together, the text is split into many shapes that can be edited with a known editing vertex, so that we can change the shape of the text and create our own "custom text".

Put the text on a rectangle or other shape, select the rectangle and then select the text, then click the Split Function button, and then we are pleasantly surprised to find that the text has been broken into a shape.

When you need to edit the text again, just select a graphic that makes up the text right click, select the edit vertex to change the shape, fill from the shape can change the color, or fill the picture, get very beautiful effect.

  Add subtitles for PPT video

in PPT before version 2010, the default level of video is always on the first floor and cannot be changed after the video is inserted. So it's hard to get a lot of fuss over the video.

After the 2010 version, the situation is greatly improved, allowing a variety of materials in the PPT (including text, graphics, pictures) placed on top of the video, thus providing us with more creative possibilities. This is reflected in the video that we can take self-portraits, then post-processing, in the PPT with music, sound, ppt animation; another is, there are many sites to provide a variety of video materials, such as the title, special, dynamic background effect, we do not need to learn video editing software, directly in the PPT can add text, graphics, pictures, animation and so on To make a very cool ppt. For example, you can use the network to provide a cut off the text of the CCTV title "believe the power of the brand", with their own text and a small number of animation made of PPT.

  Beautifully implanted vector illustrations in ppt

The graphics in PPT is a kind of vector graphics, AI can read AI and EPS format graphics is also vector graphics. For this reason, before the 2013 version of PPT, we can copy the AI graphics and paste into the PPT, you can also copy the graphics in the PPT, text copied into the AI.

Now with version 2013 PPT, we can open AI and ppt at the same time, the AI in the material directly dragged into the PPT, become "enhanced metafile", can be lossless amplification. Some say that even this "enhanced metafile" can be lifted into a small figure after the combination, so that we can modify at will. After my repeated verification, this situation is only a special case, AI format pictures in many cases, the production of the use of masks, to the PPT after the combination of the mask, the graphics completely changed, can not be edited.

On the contrary, it is a good choice to make a simple edit and then drag the ppt into the AI. For example, we open an AI file, select the "Direct selection" tool, that is, the hollow arrow in the toolbar, use this tool to easily select any small pieces that need to be modified, and then modify accordingly. The following example uses the direct selection tool to modify a color.

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