What parts of a notebook computer are easily damaged

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Notebook easy to damage parts: hard disk

Although the notebook hard disk than the hard drive earthquake, but he is still very afraid of falling. We are interested to take a hard disk to see, the label is still prompted us it is afraid to fall.

Why, then? Because the hard disk is much smaller than the machine, but the principle is the same, but also because of the complexity of the composition of electronic components. Although the manufacturers of the earthquake resistance of the book optimization, but because of its own composition, or very afraid of earthquakes. To remind you, in the bumpy transportation, do not use the laptop. Put your laptop on the table and be careful not to drop it on the floor. This knows that, although the hard drive is cheap, but the information inside is priceless lost but endless.

Notebook easy to damage parts: LCD

LCD is more fragile, but also a fragile product. LCD is mainly made up of glass and liquid crystal and lamp, which is fragile from head to toe. Although the LCD organic cover protection, but in the current thin trend of notebook, this protection is very limited. Do not put heavy objects on the LCD, otherwise it will shatter the glass layer. When you put it in your bag, be careful not to let it run into hard objects. Accidentally dropped on the ground, LCD is also often the first to take the brunt. LCD is also one of the big bulky, about One-fourth of the machine, and a damage is rarely able to repair, can only change new.

Notebook easy to damage parts: series, and the mouth

These interfaces because it does not support hot dialing, some careless brothers operate without shutting down the machine, it is easy to burn the string and the mouth. What's more, cause the motherboard short circuit scrap. Although change a string, and the mouth for a not too expensive, but in exchange for more trouble. Maybe some brothers would say that we can hardly use a string or a mouth now, and let him go bad. But when it comes to engineering debugging, these two interfaces are not missing, and it's a pain in the face when you need it.

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