What products does SAP C/4hana contain?

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At the Sapphire (Sapphire Conference) in June 2018, SAP released a new business software suite: C/4hana, designed to connect front-Office applications and SAP Digital core S/4hana through SAP C/4hana.

C/4hana, in layman's words, is the solution of some other companies, such as five cloud plus SAP's latest acquisitions.

Which five clouds?

1. SAP (SAP Marketing Cloud)

Products included:

    • SAP Hybris Marketing
    • SAP Hybris Customer Attribution
    • SAP Hybris Loyalty
    • SAP Hybris Digital Asset Management by OpenText

2. SAP Clouds (SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud)

3. SAP Sales Cloud

Products included:

(1) SAP Hybris Cloud for sales, which is C4C's sales module

The SAP Chengdu Research Institute has a 20-person C4C development team, and colleagues at the team have written a number of C4C technical articles:

    • SAP S4crm vs C4C, Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu?
    • SAP Chengdu c4c Xiao Li Tan hua: Talking about Fiori Design guidelines
    • SAP Chengdu Research Institute C4C Bright left: SAP Cloud for Customer uses the unique features of SAP UI5
    • Design and implementation of SAP Cloud for Customer Extensibility
    • One of the SAP Mobile application solutions: HTML5 applications + Cordova = platform-related hybrid applications
    • Application of machine learning in SAP Cloud for customer

(2) SAP Revenue Cloud. The SAP Chengdu Research Institute has a development team. This product introduction can refer to my public article: Jin Yong and Cologne, NetWeaver and MicroServices, and SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud

(3) Callidus Cloud: Previously an independent CRM software company, sold sales efficiency, sales performance management and sales execution of SaaS products, and was acquired by SAP. Callidus solution is the sales performance management,configure, price, quote and other modules.

4. SAP Services Cloud (SAP service clouds)

Products included:

(1) SAP Hybris Cloud for service, which is the service module for C4C

(2) SAP Customer Engagement CENTER:SAP Chengdu Research Institute is the main product development, a total of three development teams. The team manager Mahonbo wrote the article:

SAP Chengdu Research Institute Mahonbo: Improve learning ability, enhance competitiveness, and reap the joys of life

The product manager of this team, Xia Jason (Xia Jianjun), wrote an article in which engagement Center was mentioned:

From the program ape to the SAP Product manager, how did I transform

(3) SAP Hybris knowledge Central by MindTouch

(4) Coresystem: Former Swiss enterprise mobile solution provider, then acquired by SAP. Coresystem previously in the Swiss office:

5. SAP Customer Data Cloud

Products included:

(1) SAP Hybris profile

(2) Gigya: An Israeli start-up company, the main business is the online property management customer identity and personal data, after the acquisition by SAP.


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What products does SAP C/4hana contain?

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