What should I do if blue screen problems occur in win10 and blue screen problems occur in win10?

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What should I do if blue screen problems occur in win10 and blue screen problems occur in win10?

In win10, have you ever encountered a frequent blue screen situation? This situation is sometimes caused by low computer configuration, and may also be caused by the computer itself. Of course, this can be repaired, let's teach you how to fix it today.

First, click the dialog box in the lower-right corner of the computer,Click create in the fourth step., Click the set button to enter.

After entering, we will find the security and updates, find this, and clickSecurity and newWe need to repair the blue screen.

After entering, find recovery in the left-side menu bar and clickRestart now(This is the meaning of re-installing the system. If you can't stand it, you can use it .)

FindTroubleshootingAnd the options will appear on the left. You can click the drop-down to findBlue screen repair buttons,Click the repair button to fix the issue and restart the instance.

Of course, in addition to the system's own repair, 360 also has a blue screen repair, click the manual service to enter, the top searchEnter the blue screen, and an option appears. Click blue screen repair.

During the repair process, you need to wait for a while and then remember to restart your computer.


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