What should I do if XAMPP cannot start MySql?

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XAMPP cannot start MySqlXAMPP cannot start MySql view Port & nbsp; should not be occupied 15:17:37 & nbsp; [mysql] & nbsp; Error: & nbsp; mySQL & nbsp; shutdown & nbsp; unexpectedly.15: 17: 37 & nbsp; [mysql] & nbsp; This & nb XAMPP cannot start MySql
XAMPP cannot start MySql

Check that the port is not occupied

15:17:37 [mysql] Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly.
15:17:37 [mysql] This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies,
15:17:37 [mysql] improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method.
15:17:37 [mysql] Press the Logs button to view error logs and check
15:17:37 [mysql] the Windows Event Viewer for more clues
15:17:37 [mysql] If you need more help, copy and post this
15:17:37 [mysql] entire log window on the forums

140504 15:17:36 [Note] Plugin 'Federated 'is disabled.
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: The InnoDB memory heap is disabled
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: Mutexes and rw_locks use Windows interlocked functions
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: Compressed tables use zlib 1.2.3
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: Initializing buffer pool, size = 16.0 M
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: Completed initialization of buffer pool
InnoDB: Error: space header page consists of zero bytes in data file F: \ xampp \ mysql \ data \ ibdata1
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: cocould not open or create data files.
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: If you tried to add new data files, and it failed here,
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: you shocould now edit innodb_data_file_path in my. cnf back
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: to what it was, and remove the new ibdata files InnoDB created
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: in this failed attempt. InnoDB only wrote those files full
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: zeros, but did not yet use them in any way. But be careful: do not
140504 15:17:36 InnoDB: remove old data files which contain your precious data!
140504 15:17:36 [ERROR] Plugin 'innodb' init function returned error.
140504 15:17:36 [ERROR] Plugin 'innodb' registry as a storage engine failed.
140504 15:17:36 [ERROR] Unknown/unsupported storage engine: InnoDB
140504 15:17:36 [ERROR] Aborting

140504 15:17:36 [Note] f: \ xampp \ mysql \ bin \ mysqld.exe: Shutdown complete
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