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Video marketing is a kind of distinctive marketing method. In daily life, video advertising is very common, when we are watching TV, always can see that will never put an end to advertising, I used to be very disgusted with these ads, and now because of the media and marketing is more interested in, so it is not too annoying, more focus on the idea of watching this advertisement above. In the network life, video advertising is also common, through the network to watch video has been a trend, and the major video sites are most profitable sources of advertising revenue, the most important or video of the title ads and spots of advertising, for advertisers, this is the video marketing.

Below Ye Dehua to talk about personal video marketing Some ideas, hope to be able to some network novice to help, need to pay attention to, this article mainly talks about is the network video marketing, to network video outside but talk more.

(1) How to make network video

Video production is the premise of network video marketing, a good video for marketing effects will be particularly large. Some time ago, "Jiangnan style" special fire, fire to the point of the end of the world, imagine if the video was inserted in some advertising words (assuming: so-and-so company's products appear in the video), then the effect of the advertisement will be very obvious, "Jiangnan style" by hundreds of millions of people watch, So the ad spread to hundreds of millions of viewers. So, how should make network video?

First, the individual feels it is important to identify a suitable subject, followed by the idea of the video, which is what attracts the audience's attention. How to make the video not only creative, but also can be liked by everyone? Then, the enterprise's products should be the most important features and the current hot events combined to create a natural, authentic, authentic virus video. In this respect to do the best case should be Mengniu, in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic Games launched 5 Olympic Fuwa, Fuwa lovely image by the people of all countries love. And Mengniu took full advantage of the Olympic Games this hot spot, produced a Mengniu "milk", the lovely "little milkman" completely with the Olympic Games, love the Olympic Games, publicity, at the same time more propaganda Mengniu, this is Mengniu fully utilize its own characteristics, But also in the current most hot event of the combination of a successful video marketing.

Of course, the above mentioned generally have the strength, the basis of the site or individual can do, and for the internet grassroots, there is no financial resources, energy, ability to make their own video, then how to do video marketing it? Ye Dehua is also a grassroots, I will be here to simply mention my video production methods. First, make use of off-the-shelf video to do video outside the chain. When I see a good movie or TV show, I will intercept the interesting and favorite parts of it, then make a video clip, add an ad to the short film, or add a URL to the short title. Second, the use of their own resources to do video outside the chain. Each person should be an expert in a particular field, if you're very good at Photoshop, you can make a very detailed Photoshop video tutorial, make a hundreds of-episode video, and if your tutorial really allows you to learn something, you're not afraid that no one will come to see your video, Not afraid of the ads you inserted in the video has no effect. The most typical case of this aspect is the DotA video, DotA is a very popular sports games, many players are relying on Taobao shop to make money, and they promote the only channel is in the homemade DotA video to add their own Taobao store site, their video because by everyone like, so widely disseminated, and therefore feed a group of DotA players. Third, the use of fragmented resources to do an integrated video. If you like a song and you want to make a music MV for this song, you can look for pictures, videos, and so on that are related to the song, and then use the video processing software to integrate them. Recommend not too will deal with video friends, to learn the use of sound will shadow, will be the shadow of the software is more suitable for beginners, learning not too much difficulty, use it can easily produce a variety of video, as for the later transcoding problems, the proposed use of Mordor factory. This article mentioned the two software I have not yet shared in the blog, and so I have time, I will upload to the network to let you download the use.

(2) Network Video How to do outside the chain

This is said to be "outside the chain", then refers to the search engine in this regard. And the search engine is still unable to identify the site of the video, so the form of the video outside the chain is very narrow, and currently only use the text in the title to do the video outside the chain. However, we can not overly consider the chain, but should pay attention to the marketing effect. So, after doing a good video, name the video first, add your URL to the name, then add your URL to the video, and sometimes the URL may be taken away by someone else, so to avoid this, you can also use a unique background, some unique logo, You can't get rid of it when someone makes a copy of your video. In short, without affecting the audience to watch the situation, the video can be added to the place of advertising is generally good to use.

(3) Where the network video should be sent

When uploading a video, be clear about what the theme of the video is, and then follow the topic to find some relevant sites, for example, if you are making Photoshop tutorials, then you can try to post in the Silicon Valley dynamic video tutorials area, software learning related sites, because these sites are more targeted, Allows your video to be seen by more accurate viewers, which can help improve the conversion rate and the effective transmission rate of the video. If you're not sure what your video location is, then upload the video to a large video site above it, Youku, potatoes, cool six and other large video sites, these are good choices, and the video search engine is also a very good collection of results, is definitely a very good video outside the chain.

The above is my video marketing some simple view, online also has a lot of video marketing related services provider, you can click on their website to go in, and then mining the site inside the effective information, open up your thinking, multiple rationale video marketing ideas. If individuals don't have much time to do video marketing, can go to find these services providers, but must choose to service providers, those prices are low, the number of video service providers are not trustworthy, you think that the original production of a video than write an article to trouble, and the price of the video is surprisingly cheap, So such a video must be shoddy, marketing must be very poor, so please do not greedy for this petty gain, or find some strength, Word-of-mouth service providers for the best policy. Well, writing here, I believe that the article will give you a new direction.

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