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MM just sent a message to tell me that she felt she was driven every day, and her life was poor.

Her mother asked her to find a husband with a job and a house.

In this way, she doesn't need to wander around like this. It's just a matter of no particular place.

I'm speechless

Every wording of her mother pointed to my pain points.

I knew long ago what I was missing

Therefore, I have been working very hard.

I have many roles and I am very busy every day except for the fixed weekend for mm.

My schedule is full.

I once said that I am busy every day

That's because I know that my busy schedule is of no help to my future papers.

I am busy, but I want to save a lot of money during my studies. I even keep my spending at 3000 when I earn more than 400 yuan a month.

Because I know that I need money, it is not omnipotent, but it is really important for me to be a family like me.

In this way, I may be able to buy a big house for MM shortly after graduation.

Give her a grand wedding ,......

I have been planning this all the time, and I go to work every day.

Because I know my future is well planned.

But when I received a short message from mm, I wanted to cry.

I just had a hot pot with a group of friends from the network management department and walked on the road.

The original warm body immediately lost its feeling
I tried to tell everyone something in the middle and separated. In fact, I was afraid that my sorrow would be hard to hide.

I don't want anyone to ask me how I feel at this time. I need someone to think about it.

I didn't send back the MM message. I was speechless. I didn't have everything.

It is not possible to give it to mm. I only have a sincere view of mm.

But how much money does it really cost?

I suddenly realized that I had nothing
I don't know what to do ,......

I can't even convince myself. What can I use to persuade Mm? Even if I have persuaded mm, What can I use to persuade MM's mother?

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