What should I pay attention to when backing up a website?

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What should I pay attention to when backing up a website?

Have you noticed that all php open-source content management systems are consistent:
1. all are written in php, and the data is stored in the mysql database. LAMP is the best deployment environment.
2. the core program of the website is relatively fixed, such as joomla! , Dedecms, phpwind, ecshop, and other core programs are relatively fixed. even if the program version is inconsistent, the official team provides a perfect upgrade solution.
3. website templates are independent. you can create templates that you are satisfied with based on your preferences.
4. the principles of the phpcms system for website migration are the same, but the methods are slightly different. If you have not modified the core program of your website, you can directly install a new content management system (CMS) in the new php space ), restoring the mysql database, restoring the website template file, and recreating the file are the general steps for website migration.
5. since it is open-source, users can easily complete the second development of the content management system (CMS) according to the Help manual provided by the official website.
Based on the similarities in the above analysis, should we identify important data based on the characteristics of the php open-source content management system during Website data backup? we need to back up data first, secondary data can be stored and backed up. This prevents you from having no primary or secondary tasks. when a disaster occurs, you can find that the required data is not completely backed up. Is it a tragedy if such incidents occur? Therefore, we have analyzed the excellent open-source content management system on the Internet and summarized a set of scientific website data backup methods, so that users can distinguish between primary and secondary, and select the best backup.
1. what data is the most important?
In my opinion, MYSQL data is the most important and should be backed up in multiple ways. The MYSQL database is unique and cannot be used as a "renewable resource". The mysql data stores the content of the entire website, which is the result of the webmaster's hard work and accumulated over years, and is lost (or damaged) you have to start all over again. The rest, such as website templates and website core programs, can be lost (or damaged) by sending the money as originally. However, if the mysql database of the website is lost, can you buy it back with the money? You can't, so mysql data is the most important.
2. scientific methods to back up website data
First, understand the characteristics of your open-source cms system, and then develop a scientific and reasonable backup solution to efficiently complete the backup work. The best backup solution for php virtual hosts in Hong Kong/America is:
A. back up the mysql database first. on the multi-backup forum, we introduced the backup methods for multiple mysql databases. Users can refer to the Imperial backup Wang website migration helper and various php applications under the mysql database backup solution to sort out help information.
B. back up the website template. This is a painstaking effort and silver. it is the "face" of the website. it is very important, ranking second. If you forget the directory in which the website template file exists, you can go to the official website of the open-source system to check the Help Manual.
C. If the website has undergone secondary development (or modified the core program), back up the modified files.
D. The Webmaster must optimize SEO for a website. please back up your optimization rules and related information (such as site keywords and website description information.
E. If the pseudo-static function is enabled for your website, back up the. htaccess file. the URL structure of the entire website depends on it. it will be very troublesome to lose it.
F. back up other things, such as the 404 error page and 301 redirection.
3. I am a lazy and don't want to bother so much. just do a full-site backup.
I also support this idea, but what is the purpose of our backup? After the disaster arrives, the website will be given a "second life" and a chance to make mistakes. Why can't we make another backup? What if your first backup is unexpected? Long wait? I am a cautious person. So I recommend a cautious solution: using multiple backups
With the online automatic recovery and migration feature of multiple backups, you can automatically complete the process by entering a few simple FTP parameters, this greatly saves operation time and solves problems such as recovery failures caused by technical bottlenecks. Therefore, it is wise to choose multiple backups! Multiple backups are used regardless of database backup or file backup!

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