What skills are needed in Drupal development?

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What skills are needed in Drupal development? Here, let's take a look at the big screen (see below)

According to the diagram above, a table is probably listed:

Technical Direction Detailed Description
Community personnel drupal.org account, post, organize and participate in the offline party, QQ Group, etc.
Content editing Site comments, content, automatic publishing, audit and other skills. Menus, users, blocks, front page settings
Site Configuration Staff General Settings: Site menus, users, blocks, home, permissions, and other configuration.
Advanced settings: Views, as well as important modules, such as panels, SKINNR, context, simple views.
General Webmaster Basic Skills: Install Drupal, configure fields, create simple views, install and set up some modules, such as: References, Scheduler and Automatic nodetitles, and so on.
Advanced Skills: Views configuration, the use of some advanced modules, such as: Page Manager, Rules, organic Groups, Commerce and Permissions control module.
Platinum Level: Drupal Multi-site installation, Drupal set export, import, such as features.
Code Development Basic module development, can write views plugin/handlers, understand the operation of Drupal logic system, can develop Drupal permissions, templates, data operations and other modules, and can hack the core of Drupal. (To hack! )
Front-End development Basic level: Theme creation, child theme creation, basic CSS modification, template file modification, etc.
Advanced Level: The corresponding trial design, grid layout, jquery and so on.
Platinum Level: JS, Ajax, Ahah, HTML5, app and so on.
Server Management Basic level: Server installation, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and file permission settings, such as installation operation dimension.
Medium level: Continuous server integration, automated testing, site backup (e.g., backup with Drupal module), etc.
Advanced Level: Web site security, module upgrades, code security (SVN, git), backup of Drupal files, etc.
seo/seo.html "target=" _blank > Website optimization: Memory usage, memory leaks, CPU utilization, database slow query, reverse proxy, cache, load balancing, and so on.
Other related Requirements Management (analysis, collation, documentation), project management (the use of management projects, roadmap, management Platform), task partitioning, Interaction design, market research, SEO strategy, content strategy, etc.

The above is the reference drupal.org content, probably listed, but we can see that the different direction of the required skills are not the same, this site blog attention to some of the site backend, that is, from the server, database, performance and even SEO, marketing strategy, front-end, module installation relatively few.

It can be seen that we have to learn more skills in order to develop a very dragging site

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