What techniques can help you to say goodbye to dull, boring web design?

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A little seasoning for your work! Not sweet and spicy food is difficult to attract cargo, want to fix their taste, designers have to learn to add a little bit different, today @anyforweb_udc students summed up a few to make the Web page to become unique tips, to rise posture slightly.

Lively and interesting web design can always attract more users to stop. The same web design has not satisfied today's "picky" users, want to seize their eyeballs, must be as open as possible to their curiosity, and in detail to win, so that they feel in the details of the designer's intentions.

The following is a summary of our design for the fun of the Web page of the small way for you to refer to the comments.

The use of large high-definition graphics in the 2014 Web design field for many designers relish. But such a simple design and layout is really less attractive design elements, it will inevitably make the page as a whole look a bit serious. To change this problem is very simple, the main text is set to coarse font can be very effective to alleviate this issue, the picture is always more attractive than the large paragraph of text.

Sometimes, the image is to determine the site style positioning of a large factor, as shown in the case below, only need to add a full of literary and artistic flavor of the picture can naturally upgrade the entire page of the grade. This type of web design is generally not very creative layout typesetting, functional content also do as simple as possible, to foil this unique minimalist.

Cartoon cute web style seems to be the best and fun to put up, the following case is a good proof. Bright colors with playful font design, childlike flavor of the whole page filled with minutes, in such a Web page to add animation effect can be more than half the effort.

Dynamic effect is a shortcut to make the Web page interesting, and in the web design, through the metro style presented by the effect of the most impress users. Palace is a very modern site, the designer through the Metro to show the site and users of the delicate and sensitive interaction.

Studiotoole is a comic graffiti-style site, with a messy web site showing a unique style of design. This approach is not unfamiliar to web designers, using the form of pictures to convey meaning or emotion should be the designer is better at the part, such a design can make the page more plot, so that users more easily into the web environment.

Brand wall of the page design may be most of the site will coincide, all the logo is a full arrangement of rules, nothing new, users seem to have been accustomed to such a design, and the following case of the brand wall design but let our eyes a bright. Designers completely subvert the traditional design method, the entire page to the grid layout, so that the page looks clean and without losing style.

. Such a home page must be able to allow users to stop. Hand-painted web design may make you feel impractical, and other styles will be incompatible with the collocation, but after looking at the following case, you will find that the real worry. The designer also integrates the navigation element into the hand-drawn picture, the function and the scene have no Shong feeling, lets the user appear to be in the webpage illustration.

Low-transparency Web page color can also increase the overall interest of the page. Low-transparent color is born with a strong sense of pure, which is in line with a fun Web page should meet the requirements.

Pictures are always more appealing than words, but clear bold characters can have similar effects. Atlassian's web site is not because the first screen only text and reduce interest, the color of the text content is mainly bright, the arrangement of flow also highlighted the logical level of the site.

Trying to design a compelling web page doesn't all depend on a full range of creative and inspirational ideas, and some practical tips can make the page instantly interesting.

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