What the DBA (Database administrator administrator) needs to know

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Becoming a qualified DBA is not enough to understand how to encoding some SQL statements and simple database management, so a qualified DBA needs to understand every aspect of it, and can have the ability to debug performance, hardware, and software problems. This article will cover a few things that a DBA needs to understand, and the individual feels that he or she is lacking in some areas and needs to be greatly strengthened.

1. Need to know how to make a good design of database to do well this must be understood in my other article, the paradigm and inverse paradigm of the database. Poor database design directly affects the performance of the system, so a good database design to the back of the optimization to lay a good foundation.

2. You must be familiar with the various objects at the system level of the database.
such as understanding the role of SQL Server and the various system databases in MySQL and the purpose of its built-in objects; The architecture of an Oracle database, such as Oracle's architecture, has two main components: database instance and database ( Oracle's architecture will be described in more detail later in the Oracle section. Familiarity with database storage architecture. It is difficult for a person to be familiar with the basics to have a real grasp of a database, or to be a qualified DBA.

3. Must be familiar with SQL language
If you must be familiar with the DML, DDL, DCL and other statements, and very easily to complete the daily business needs of the statement, and ensure the efficiency of the statement.

4. Be familiar with the various commands of the database, especially to familiarize yourself with how to manipulate the database at the command line.
Before a netizen or colleague asked, SQL server has a friendly ssms,oracle and MySQL have a lot of good third-party database access Operation Tools, why do we also learn the command line way to access the database? Under normal circumstances, I also need to use the friendly and convenient front-end database access tool, but when the database or database server problems, we can not access the database through the Windows graphical way, we could also operate or process the database through the command line to achieve the database management purposes. Believe that a friend who has used MySQL with Oracle should know how to operate the database in the command line way, most of the way SQL Server accesses him graphically, and subsequent chapters describe how to operate SQL Server in the command-line manner.

5. Optimization of the database
This is an old and arduous problem, I believe that many of the database development friends want to learn this topic, personal optimization is a long-term accumulation and long-term practice can be achieved, because the optimization involves a lot of things, not simple few words can be clear, before have friends, colleagues or netizens problems, How to learn the optimization of the database? I told them to start from the foundation, the basic good, the database structure, working principle familiar with the natural learning optimization familiar also has the hope of tomorrow; in fact, the optimization of the database is also a chapter to follow; I'll have a special space to introduce MySQL, Optimization methods and ideas for SQL Server and Oracle.

6. Daily management of the database
The daily management of the database is the DBA's basic work is also a very important work, the database is also the core of a DBMS system, first of all we must ensure the security of the database, the security of the database to the minimum need to start from two aspects: first, the management of database system users, to achieve a clear security division, To be familiar with the various roles and their management in the database, cross-database, cross-database access must be safe to control, to achieve granular management of granularity; the other is how to use the system data more secure in the writing of the Code, I believe that many mis system developers should know SQL injection bar, Because you have to think about how to avoid that kind of attack in code writing. Second, the database backup, recovery, disaster tolerance and database background process and health of the regular view,

7. Understand the daily management of OS server
As a DBA, you also need to be familiar with the operating system and know the differences between different operating systems, such as security settings, integration with Active Directory, LDAP, and naming conventions. It is necessary to understand the operation of the database through the system log of the OS. In particular, learning about MySQL and Oracle's friends, personal knowledge of learning a good Linux or UNIX is very important. Because the database of many large companies is running on Linux or UNIX systems.

8. High availability of the database
The high probability in the database is the application of the large company database system, and the individual thinks its center is the time to ensure the reduction of system downtime; Among the many highly available technologies, cluster is one of many applications, such as MySQL, cluster technology for SQL Server, and Oracle RAC technology. This technique has been studied before and is available to be sorted out in subsequent passages.

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What the DBA (Database administrator administrator) needs to know

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