What to do if folder hidden properties cannot be modified

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Small series today encountered a problem, system files were tampered with virus Trojan, a page opened PC6 will jump to a Baidu network disk page. Small series of preliminary analysis should be the Trojan should be through the modification system files to achieve hijacking site, through a search, I found the file was modified, but found a problem. This file because it is in a hidden folder, when the file folder is modified by the virus property, become a system hidden file, can not be modified back, the hidden option is gray, the following figure:

The following simple method can be used to restore normal properties, a very simple and efficient way to resolve folder hidden properties can not be modified to share to everyone.

A workaround for folder hidden properties that cannot be modified

1, click on the bottom left corner of the screen "start".

2, run the program "CMD".

3, in the DOS state into the removable disk. First look at the removable disk, such as the "H" disk, then enter "H:" Return, you can enter the "h:>."

4, under the mobile letter enter "ATTRIB–S–H/S/d" as shown below, pay attention to space, enter. Wait a moment, when the "h:>" appears again, to see the mobile disk, the folder's hidden properties have been removed.

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