What to do if the computer does not show the mobile hard drive letter

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The computer does not show the solution for moving the hard drive letter:

When the mobile hard disk to pick up the computer does not display the letter, we can by right-clicking the "Computer" from the pop-up right-click menu to select the "Admin" item.

You will then open the Computer Management interface, expand Settings Manager-Universal Serial Bus Controller, locate the disabled bulk storage settings, and right-click to select Enable.

If the above method still does not resolve the problem of the mobile hard drive display letter, you can switch to the Disk Management tab, right-click the partition that does not display the letter correctly, and choose Change Drive letter and path from the pop-up right-click menu.

Then from the open Change Drive letter and Path window, select the letter that cannot be displayed, and click the "Change" button.

At the same time in the pop-up change settings interface, by clicking on the "Disk letter" Drop-down list, from which to select a new unused letter, click "OK" to complete the setup.

When the diagram pops up as shown in the picture, it means that the removable hard drive can display the disk letter normally.

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