What to do if the Excel document doesn't open

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Cause one, open software version is too low

WORKAROUND: If you use Microsoft Office software to open an Excel file and you find a problem that is not open or incompatible when the version is too low, then we need to upgrade Microsoft Office or download the appropriate Compatibility Pack. If you are busy upgrading Microsoft Office too slowly, there is another way to do that is to download WPS to open it. Locate the file, and then select the right mouse button, in the open mode, we choose to open the WPS, as shown in the figure:

Reason two, Excel file corrupt

Workaround: If the Excel file is corrupted, then we just need to fix it. Recommended reading: How Excel file corruption fixes

Reason three, Excel file encryption or set to read-only

WORKAROUND: When you open the file is not set to encrypt, then we only need to try to enter the password can be solved, or to see if the file is set up read-only, cancel it, and then try to open.

Finally, after the above steps, if the problem has not been solved, then we can open 360 security guards, in the computer outpatient, we choose common software, and then you can see "Excel file is not open", we open according to solve on it.

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