What to do if you are prompted by an incorrect application configuration

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Cause analysis

1, most of the following two reasons:

One of the reasons for this problem: The Windows Installer service for your computer is not turned on.

The workaround is to open the control Panel → manage → services, turn on the Windows Installer service, set it to Automatic, and then restart the computer.

Two reasons for this problem: the runtime of Visual Studio is not installed on your computer.

2. The application was developed in Visual Studio 2005 and above and relies on the appropriate runtime, and the runtime is not installed on your computer. (For applications developed by VC6 or VS2003, if the library file is missing, you are prompted for a missing "**.dll", but the VS2005 or VS2008 only prompts "because the application is configured incorrectly ...". )

3. The solution is not to reload the application, not to reinstall the system, but to install the appropriate runtime (the Microsoft Visual C + + 20** Redistributable Package, which is vcredist_x86.exe.

4. It is difficult to distinguish which version of your program is developed for VS, even if some software is developed in multiple versions, it can be installed on many vcredist_x86.exe, and they are compatible with each other to solve the problem of the same kind of software on your computer.

5. The following "20**" stands for "2005" or "2008" or "2009" or "2010".

  Required installation Package

Only one file--Microsoft official website Download Center Download Vcredist_x86.exe


1, open the control Panel → management tools → services, if the Windows Installer service is not turned on, set it to Automatic, and then restart the computer. If the problem is not resolved, continue.

2, you can initially determine which version of VS is your program developed.

(Open the directory where the application is located, search for files with MFC or MSVC, and if so, see the version of the VC for the version of the file.) See, 8 means developed by VC8.0, 9 for VC9.0 development)

The VC version of VS2003 is Vc.1,

The VC version of VS2005 is vc8.0,

The VC version of VS2008 is vC9.0

In Control Panel, in Add/Remove Programs, see if the Microsoft Visual C + + 20** Redistributable Package is installed on this computer

What to do if you are prompted by an incorrect application configuration

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