What to do if you don't ping in the LAN

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ping command to monitor network usage order

Normally, when you use the ping command to find the problem or verify the network operation, you need to use a number of PING commands, and if all is running correctly, you can trust that basic connectivity and configuration parameters are OK; if some of the ping commands fail to run, It can also indicate where to look for problems.

Here is a typical detection sequence and the corresponding possible failure:


Ping ping command is sent to the local computer's IP software, which never exits the computer. If this is not done, there are some basic problems with the installation or operation of TCP/IP.



Native ip--This command is sent to your computer's configured IP address, your computer should always respond to the ping command, and if not, there is a problem with the local configuration or installation. When this problem occurs, the LAN user disconnects the network cable and then sends the command again. If this command is correct after a network cable is disconnected, another computer may be configured with the same IP address.



Other ip--in LAN This command should leave your computer, go through the network card and cable to other computers, and then return. Receiving a loopback response indicates that the NIC and carrier on the local network are running correctly. However, if 0 loopback responses are received, the subnet mask (the code that separates the network portion of the IP address from the host part when the subnet is split) is incorrect or the NIC is misconfigured or the cabling system is faulty.



Gateway ip--This command, if answered correctly, indicates that the gateway router in the LAN is running and can respond.



If a remote ip--receives 4 replies, it indicates that the default gateway was successfully used. For dial-up users, the Internet can be accessed successfully (but not excluding the ISP's DNS).



Localhost--localhost is a system-reserved network name, which is an alias for, and every computer should be able to convert that name to that address. Failure to do so indicates a problem in the host file (/windows/host).


Ping www..com--to execute pin on this domain name ... Address, usually through DNS

If the server fails, the DNS server's IP address is configured incorrectly or the DNS server is faulted (some ISPs do not need to set up a DNS server for dial-up users). By the way, you can also use this command to realize the conversion function of domain name to IP address.

If all of the ping commands listed above work correctly, your ability to communicate locally and remotely to your computer can be largely reassuring. However, the success of these commands does not mean that all of your network configuration is not a problem, for example, some subnet mask errors may not be detected by these methods.

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