What to do when the computer is shut down by a black screen

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What to do when the computer is shut down by a black screen

1, the first to use a comprehensive anti-virus software to check, to see if the virus, if found out, direct anti-virus to fix.

2. Check to see if the system file is corrupted, click Start Menu-Attachment-command prompt-run as administrator, and then use the Chkdsk command to try to verify and fix.

3, if the relevant machine software, first all directly to uninstall the test.

4, if the problem is driven, we can upgrade the driver to solve. We recommend that you download a driver wizard to detect the driver problem.

5, other problems caused by computer automatic shutdown.

For example, hardware problems, will also lead to computer automatic shutdown, such as the computer's restart button has problems, often bad contact, power supply voltage instability, heat dissipation problems, loose memory, hard disk is likely to have problems computer automatic shutdown.

Everyone may first check the computer restart button is loose, the button is not flexible or damaged. As for the power instability, may be due to poor quality power, or the power supply life is too long, you can borrow someone else's power to detect.

The problem of heat dissipation, we all know CPU, graphics, hard disk, motherboard temperature is too high to cause the computer is always automatic shutdown, to achieve the purpose of protecting the computer, we can use a class of software to detect the temperature, if the temperature is too high, we have to see if the chassis is too dusty, appropriate cleaning up, By the way also can check whether the jumper contact is not real, the memory strip loose and so on.

Computer through the regular black screen shutdown method of solution two

Check to see if there is a hardware problem: can check the power supply, power supply shortage this aspect of the probability is relatively small, unless the power cord appears a problem, memory CPU, check whether the memory and the motherboard plugged in, if the slot is broken, change a can, the CPU fan is not off, or the CPU fan screws loose, There is also a host of the CPU fan is not enough to turn the computer system will overheat, these situations will allow the computer automatically shutdown or the computer automatically repeated restart

Lack of power, power, such as the power cord off the plug is not good, will also lead to computer automatic shutdown.

If the memory strip and the motherboard in that slot contact with loose or off the phenomenon will cause the computer automatically shutdown

Virus Trojan, with anti-virus software after cleaning up the patch in time, anti-virus software has many kinds, I believe we all know, download their own after the antivirus clean-up can be.

Check is not abused some beta software, pirated software caused by, if it is, uninstall it.


1. Heat dissipation is not good. Due to the effect of weather temperature or the CPU fan is not enough to cause the system overheating, resulting in automatic shutdown of the computer, it is recommended to check the system temperature is normal.

2. Memory reason. When the memory and the motherboard slot contact loose can also cause the computer to shut down automatically, it is recommended to check the memory and the motherboard plugged in.

3. Power supply problem. Lack of power supply is also an important factor that causes computer automatic shutdown.

4. Software factors. As a result of viruses or trojans caused by computer shutdown is also everywhere, especially the recent popular shock wave, the virus will cause the system after the restart and shutdown. If you are using a Windows 2000 or Windows XP system, it is recommended that you use antivirus software after the shock wave on the timely patch, the general problem can be solved.

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