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China's main search engine is Baidu and Google, so here only the two search engines for example. Baidu's main way to reduce the right is: the collection of large-scale reduction, ranking rapid decline, often accompanied by the home page by K; Google down the power of the main performance is: The site ranking down, included stagnation, occasionally accompanied by a number of pages K.

Website is Baidu down right how to do?

1: Check whether the site used the H1 tag, in addition to any Web site experience to avoid the use of H1 tags, if the site is down right, then remove the H1 tag.

2: Check whether there are bad links, check the link page links are what place, IP is what, this IP has been punished, the details can see Lou once wrote "How to check the same IP site is safe."

3: Check whether the site has used ALT, especially if the logo above the use of the keyword ALT tag, if there is removed.

4: If the new station has just been included, then the egg should be set, this time is probably not the right to drop, save updates, stabilize the link outside the station.

5: Check whether the site content is reproduced by a large site but did not indicate the source, and sometimes not because the content of repeated and down the right, but because Baidu think this text is you reprinted a large site and down the right.

6: Check whether the site has JS trojan, window, back door, black hat and so on.

7: After the site was K, can also be in the robots.txt of the crawler shielding, the advantage is that, first, will not affect others; second, to facilitate the resumption of the collection, of course, the premise is that later you allow the crawler crawl! Generally adhere to the original for a period of one months did not respond to shielding spiders. (Note: This article by the Suzhou SEO Winter test, is feasible.) )

8: If the above issues are noted, Baidu is still not included, the last trick is to change the first page title.

9: A lot of people because of the change of the template is Baidu down the right, I suggest you look at my recent written "Change template on the site SEO impact", some details you certainly did not notice.

Website is Google down right how to do?

Google is very good, the right to drop relatively rare, and the right way is very gentle, processing is relatively easy.

1: Drop the right after the site under your domain name, adhere to the site is the home page down right or content down right. If it is the first page down right, then consider whether the sandbox. If the inner page down right, consider whether to enter a single page sandbox, first observation for a few days.

Small knowledge: Google Sandbox refers to a new station, there is a large number of high-quality connections, there is a wealth of related content, all of the optimization is very good, but for a while, but it is difficult to get a good position in Google. Similar to the work of the probationary period, the new station can not be in the competitive keywords to get good rankings.

2: If the determination is not a sandbox, and the page site is still in, then check the keyword density, the first keyword distribution, to see if there are listed keywords, check the title, keywords, description is reasonable.

3: If you do not find site down the right page, then this page is K, you can be the page by K new design, change the next station links, add a few outside the chain to this page.

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