What to do when you use a wireless network to prompt for "WiFi Networking permissions banned"

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Baidu Map, Alipay and other WiFi networking rights have been banned

Do not easily doubt the version of the software issue.

Most of the time, when you open the Baidu map. Browsers and other apps, you will be prompted WiFi networking permissions have been banned, generally after the software upgrade, this situation occurs, or you through the Security software optimization, this occurs. First of all, do not blindly suspect software upgrades, unloading load and so on. At this time, you can change their security software (360 guards, Baidu mobile phone guardian, Tencent mobile phone butler, etc.) can be successfully set up.

Here to Baidu mobile phone Guardian examples to teach you how to solve.

1, my mobile phone connection to WiFi, the presence of WiFi networking permissions have been banned. At this time, leave the software, open their own security software (Baidu Mobile Guardian).

2, select "Flow Monitoring", click to enter.

3, Next will be in the flow monitoring below has a flow firewall, click to enter.

4, at this time, will show your mobile phone on the basic connectivity of the software WiFi situation, the Baidu map to the right of the WiFi light on it. If you have other software that also has WiFi-restricted hints, you can do so by clicking on the WiFi icon on the right.

5, at this time, again open Baidu Map, everything is normal. Of course, the above just take Baidu mobile phone Guardian example, the rest of the security software is similar. Of course, there are also some mobile phone with the firewall settings, you also need to be there to open the pastry.

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