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In the CRT era, screen flicker is a common fault, usually caused by insufficient refresh frequency of the display card. Many users do not know what the refresh rate is, plus the system default is 60 Hertz, many users often use a lot of years low refresh rate to understand the CRT screen can not flicker.

To the liquid crystal display era, environmental protection without radiation, and no flicker and other features become the biggest selling point of liquid crystal display. However, some users in the use of liquid crystal display when the pain of the discovery, looks very good liquid crystal display also has a flicker of the problem, sometimes the screen jitter, and even worse than CRT monitors, this is the quality of the display itself problem?

The answer is not so simple, when the small part of the use of the monitor, also found such a flicker problem. In general, the LCD display flashing, there are two types of reasons, one is a soft fault, the user can be ruled out, and the second belongs to the real hardware failure, you need to send the monitor to the repair station.

Here's a summary of the solutions. If your liquid crystal display also has such a problem, you can refer to the solution.

One of the most classic triggers for a liquid crystal display flicker is phase jitter.

At present, the commonly used display signal input VGA and DVI two kinds, in which VGA is analog signal input, DVI is the digital signal (regardless of dvi-i and dvi-a). And the LCD is a digital signal display, but in order to compatible with the old display card, many liquid crystal display still equipped with VGA interface, and even many manufacturers in order to save costs, but also introduced a number of VGA-only interface display.

When the LCD is entered into the VGA signal, the video card converts the digital signal to the analog signal through the DAC, and then converts the digital signal through the ADC of the display. The two transitions are bound to have an effect on the signal, and the biggest problem is that the phase and clock are out of sync. This kind of synchronization will cause the pixel jitter problem of the liquid crystal display, the concrete performance is blurred picture, after careful observation, the pixel has a regular beat.

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