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Summer may be you are high game or movie, suddenly the computer blue screen crashes, and then most people will think directly is not the problem of the system, and then reload the system, if it is a system problem, after the system reload the problem will be solved. If still often appear blue screen, it is not a software problem, then can only be hardware problems, most people face this situation will be sent to overhaul, and overhaul when the staff most often encountered is the CPU temperature is too high, also often put the CPU temperature to overhaul the first. Next, let's take a look at how to solve the problem of high CPU temperature.


Overclocking caused this is the machine's overly demanding job.

Fan, which is common in our lives. Such as: Fan damaged, fan aging, fan no oil speed slow.

The problem between the CPU and the fan. such as: too much or too little silicone, the CPU and the fan did not cling.

CPU Cooling Tips

Check to see if the fan in the chassis is working properly.

Clean the dust in the chassis (the correct way is to use a bicycle pump to blow dust).

Between the CPU and the heatsink must be added thermal grease.

Drop a drop of sewing machine oil on the bearing of the cooling fan, which can effectively reduce the noise! Don't drop more, just a drop on the line.

If necessary, can install high-power CPU fan, buy heat dissipation effect better radiator, such as Kyushu, such as the winds.

Install the chassis cooling fan (must buy double ball bearings).

(Inside the chassis has very strong electromagnetic radiation, harmful to the human body, it is recommended not to open the chassis cover heat)

Move the host to a good ventilation

Know your CPU temperature

Recommend a few CPU temperature control software, you can easily understand the temperature changes ~ ~ ~

Waterfall Pro

Waterfall Pro is a veteran computer refrigeration software, small size, powerful, can effectively control the increase in CPU temperature, optimize the CPU speed, monitor the CPU occupancy rate and power consumption.


Cpuidle (Download address: Sina Download Center) can significantly reduce the CPU operating temperature, prolong its service life, while also reducing the CPU power consumption. Unlike other energy-saving software, Cpuidle can still play a significant role even when overworked.

Softcooler II

Softcooler is a green chip cooling software, has the advantage of taking up system resources and less memory space, without any setup, can be directly used after decompression.


Vcool is a special for AMD CPU "tailor-made" cooling software. And is a green software, the use of very simple, occupy less system resources, for AMD CPU cooling effect is not bad.

CPU Cooling Giant

CPU cooling giant is a small size of the CPU cooling software, system core processing using the assembly technology, directly to the CPU unit optimization, suitable for all models of CPU products, the CPU to play a good optimization and protection role.

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