What to pay attention to when installing a wireless network card

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Wireless Card Installation factors

The main factor that affects the wireless network card device to connect the local wireless networks smoothly is the wireless card device's working status. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the wireless card device itself, we should pay more attention to the installation of wireless network card equipment, because the quality of a good wireless network card equipment, if not properly installed, the light is not the normal performance of wireless network card equipment work potential, heavy will cause wireless network card devices can not work. When installing the wireless network card device, we sometimes see the screen blue screen error, when we encounter this error, we should first carefully look at the current use of the wireless network card driver is suitable for the local workstation operating system.

For example, if we use a wireless adapter device driver that is only suitable for use in Windows 2000 system environments, but now we are forced to use the driver in the Window XP system environment, then the system may be relatively large blue screen error, even if the blue screen error does not occur, This wireless card device is not installed to work efficiently.

Therefore, in the local workstation to install the wireless network card device driver, we must see whether the device driver can be used in the local workstation system environment, if not, must be online to find suitable for the local workstation system wireless card driver. In some workstation systems, we sometimes need to pay attention to the wireless network card device driver installation sequence, if the order is wrong, the workstation system may not recognize the wireless network card devices.

For example, sometimes we need to install the driver of the connection interface, then install the driver of the NIC device, then insert the wireless network card device into the workstation system, once the installation order is confused, the wireless network card device may not be installed successfully, which will affect the normal Internet access of the wireless workstation. Prevents an unlimited workstation from connecting to a local wireless network.

Of course, before installing the driver for the wireless network card device, we should check whether the wireless network card device is in good contact with the local workstation, for example, check whether the wireless network card device is securely plugged into the corresponding interface or slot of the local workstation, See if there is a loose connection between the wireless network card device and the local workstation.

If we randomly unplug the wireless network card device from the USB interface or PCMCIA interface in the Workstation Board, and insert it in a short time, it is also very easy to cause the system screen to be blue screen error, or when the wireless network card signal lamp is flashing state, If we suddenly unplug from the local workstation wireless network card devices, also prone to blue screen errors, and even easily damage the wireless network card device interface or local workstation interface.

In order to effectively avoid this phenomenon, we will in the future plug in the wireless network card devices, as far as possible in the workstation system with network access related operations, and for security reasons, as far as possible through the System Device Manager to disable, uninstall wireless network card equipment.

After confirming that the driver for the wireless network card device is successfully installed, we also need to the wireless network card equipment working parameters for the appropriate settings; For example, we should enter the wireless Networking Properties Settings window where the IP address of the wireless adapter device is set to be in the same subnet as the IP address of the wireless node device , which makes it easy for wireless network card devices to search for local wireless networks efficiently and quickly.

  Wireless Internet setting factors

If the wireless workstation's Internet parameters are not set correctly, then the wireless workstation will certainly not be able to successfully connect to the wireless network, so to ensure that the wireless workstation can be very smooth connection to the local wireless network, we need to carefully check the wireless Internet settings factors.

When you check the wireless internet setting factor, we should first log in as privileged to the wireless workstation system and click the "Start"/"Settings"/"Network Connections" command in the system desktop, and right-click the target wireless network connection icon in the Pop-up Network Connections List window. From the pop-up right-click menu, click Properties to open the Wireless network connection properties settings interface.

Click the General tab in the Settings interface, select the TCP/IP protocol project on the corresponding Options settings page, click the Properties button below the item, and then, in the Settings page that appears, look at the IP address and the mask address of the local wireless network adapter device. If the address of the wireless node device is in the same subnet, we should adjust it correctly in time if it is not correct.

Next, click the Wireless Network Configuration tab, and in this option settings page, see if the local workstation can search for the node name of the local wireless network and display it correctly. If you cannot search for the SSID name, we can manually fill in the local wireless network SSID name here, then click the Properties button, go to the Association Options settings page, check that the service name (SSID) aspect of the information is the same as the local wireless network.

Finally find the wireless network key settings item, and see if the "Data encryption (WEP enabled)" parameter in this setting is active, and once it is discovered that the feature has been activated, we also want to see if the encrypted content entered in the "Network key" text box is the same as the encrypted content of the local wireless network, If found to be different, we should change it in time.

  Wireless signal interference factors

If the wireless workstation's Internet access signal is disturbed by the external signal, or the signal transmission distance is very far, then the wireless workstation is difficult to connect with the local wireless network quickly; For this reason, we need to find ways to eliminate the external signal interference, adjust the wireless workstation and wireless node device communication distance, Also wireless workstation a good working environment. Once we are in the wireless network connection properties interface, we can not search the local wireless network node name, we need to carefully check the wireless network card and the wireless node device, whether there is some kind of signal interference source.

For example, we can look around the wireless workstation or wireless node equipment, there is a similar to television, refrigerators, air-conditioning and other high-power household appliances, or to see if there are similar cordless phones, mobile phones such as common communications equipment, these devices are often able to the transmission of wireless internet signal caused serious interference, If these sources of interference are found, we must eliminate them in time, or transfer the wireless workstation or wireless node equipment to a four-week open location, to ensure that wireless Internet access from a variety of interference sources.

In addition to the external interference source will be caused by wireless internet interference, wireless signal transmission distance will also affect the "hand" wireless network stability and success rate. In general, wireless network card equipment and wireless node equipment between the communication distance should be controlled within 100 meters, over this distance after the wireless signal in the transmission process is very easy to decay, which will affect the speed of searching the wireless network, or even can not search the nearby wireless network. So we can try to adjust the distance between the wireless workstation and the wireless node device when we find that the wireless workstation is unable to "hold" the wireless network near the hand.

Wireless node's own factors

After excluding the above factors, if the wireless workstation is still unable to quickly search the local wireless network, then it is necessary to look at the local wireless node device, because the device is the core of the wireless network, once the device is not working properly, or set up an error, Also prevents the wireless workstation from connecting to the local wireless network successfully, so we should finally look at the problem with the wireless node device itself.

For example, we could try restarting the wireless node device to free up the cache space in the device, or try to restore all of the device's working parameters to the default value, and of course try to change the antenna location of the wireless node device. If the above measures do not allow the workstation to successfully connect to the local wireless network, we can consider the use of good performance, hard quality wireless node devices to replace the existing equipment, I believe that this will allow the wireless workstation to quickly connect to the local wireless network.

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