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Recently found quite a lot of good websites, selected a few easy to use, help not familiar with the color of the designer to fix material color, to provide designers with page elements components of the layout inspiration, there are easy to make bootstrap templates and output HTML format of the God station, all have their own usefulness, and are online, very convenient , from the take.

 One, Material design special online Color tool

2015 Android Material design UI style will be popular, there are many app applications to try this style of design, if you also want to start making Material-style app, then do not miss the share of the Material today Palette The Color tool, which allows you to easily match a nice material style color.

Materialpalette--material Color Tool

Materialup--material Design inspiration:

The main feature of Material palette is that it allows users to choose colors while also previewing the effects in real time, and the system will match a set of app UI color schemes on its own by selecting 1 or 2 colors.

Well, it looks pretty good in general:

Egg: The upper right corner of the interface has a material design inspiration link, there are a lot of thinking about the case, where you can get inspiration!

Okay, is there a new Android interface design that wants to immediately design a material-style impulse? Try this online Color tool!

Second, solve the design of various components of the Web page trouble

In web design we often design component elements, for example, registration form, button, Tab tab, website navigation, etc., although it is a small element, but sometimes can not think of how to typesetting, design is good, it does not matter, today small set to share a website to you, there are a lot of pieces of collection, most of them are exquisite beautiful, Really can bring you inspiration yo!


Call to idea has been a good way to help me list the components needed to make the site, and to show how friendly it is.

The commonly used design elements are divided into 19 categories, typesetting layout has 6 categories, practical tools have 4 categories. At present, the collection of works is not too much, but inside the popular design, it is worth our reference study.

A friendly list of categories.

TAB TAB Design

Layout typesetting case

Brand Color

For more beautiful Web page components, please visit the call to Idea website.

  Third, easy to make bootstrap template and output HTML format

lollyt--Online Production Template

Ollytin is an online tool that specializes in making bootstrap 3 templates, with which users can create a popular web site without having to understand HTML code and CSS styles.

You can get a BS template in a few minutes, and it's an HTML page format, and the end user just needs to replace his own image and text.

Lollytin Tutorial

Using Lollytin to do BS template is very simple, like a building block, we look at its production interface, the following figure:

Panel (left): component, that is, module element

Panel (right): page layout

Icon (left): component category

Icon (right): Export HTML format (the first is to export HTML file, the second is bootstrap file, extract the newly exported HTML file to the directory)

Tips: When used, the right panel has a close button "X" for removing components.

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