What's Webhook (Introduction to Webhook)

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The role of Webhook can be to make a Web page, application expansion or change in a way, through a custom callback function

These callbacks may is maintained, modified, and managed by third-partyusers and developers Ssarily is affiliated with the originating website or application.

These callback functions can remain unchanged or modified, managed by third party users and developers who are not necessarily affiliated with the initial site or app

From Wikipedia Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webhook

Webhook is a way for users to change the behavior of a Web application by customizing the callback function,

These callback functions can be maintained and modified by third-party users or developers who are not the official web application. Through Webhook.

You can customize some behavior notifications to the specified URL to go.

Webhook's "Custom callback function" is usually triggered by events such as pushing code to a code base or a blog under a new comment, and the source site will configure the URI of the HTTP request for Webhook. Through configuration, users can make event calls on one site appear on another site, which can be any event, but typically apply system integration and message notifications.

Don't understand? OK, it's easy to understand.

In Worktile, what is Webhook's "Custom callback function"? is to create tasks, assign tasks, set deadlines, and complete tasks in Worktile!!! See

Whenever these events occur, Worktile will configure the URI of the HTTP request for Webhook, and then send the notification of these events to the URL you specify, and you will see a message notification from the worktile in that URL.

What's Webhook (Introduction to Webhook)

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