What's the difference between a Ali Wangwang buyer's version and a Ali Wangwang seller's version?

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At present, in order to more convenient Taobao sellers and buyers to communicate, Taobao launched a Ali Wangwang buyer version and sellers version, many netizens are curious, Ali Wangwang buyers and Ali Wangwang sellers version of what is different. Small series in earnest understand after found, these two software in the function and software interface are different, below, together to see the specific contrast content it!

Ali Wangwang Buyer version and seller version

One, Ali Wangwang buyer version and Ali Wangwang seller version of the different features:

Ali Wangwang Buyer Version Introduction

Quick Search, baby.

Ali Wangwang input keywords, immediately search for the relevant treasures of the Amoy to share content, such as input: IPad

Show baby pictures in chat window

Send Baby link in chat window, show baby's picture and intro immediately

Order Search More Convenient

The main interface "Amoy" label and "Transaction management" label merge, simplify the transaction process, search orders more convenient

VIP status, distinguished display

Ali Wangwang Show Taobao VIP membership identity

Ali Wangwang Sellers Edition official Introduction:

The news is more pronounced.

Received the message, the orange background was shown, more pronounced.

Contact Top

The Customer service table can be the important contact person, the important customer no longer misses.

The contact area can be scaled

Customer Service table Contact area can be closed or expanded.

Security certification, Protection account

Open the security function, the login seller version of Wang Wang, the default support Alipay certificate or SMS 2 kinds of protection methods.

Description: Set the security verification, the current can only login sellers version of Wang Wang.

Child Account Login Free

Support child account exempt from login, the child account from "Amoy" tab login taobao, no longer need to enter the password every time.

Automatic recovery optimization

Sellers can set up automatic responses based on status and Busyness, and can also increase frequency control, no longer endlessly harassing buyers. is the Seller customer Service Good helper Oh!

Second, Ali Wangwang sellers and buyers version of the picture and text contrast;

1, after landing the interface is not the same, such as the first picture;

2, the seller version and the buyer version of the Chat dialog box is not the same;

Ali Wangwang Seller Version Chat When the dialog box appears:

Ali Wangwang Buyer Version Chat When the dialog box appears:

3, Ali Wangwang sellers version in chat can send evaluation, and the seller version is not allowed;

Ali Wangwang Buyer Version:

Ali Wangwang Sellers version:

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