What's the difference between a white hat hacker and a black hat hacker?

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What is a white hat hacker?

White hat hacker hacker, also known as white Hat Anonymous or white hat, is one of the hackers. Typically, white-hat hackers attack their own systems, or are hired to attack a client's system for security Review, which is a legitimate act.

White Hat Hacker

In other words, hackers are not all black, those who use their own hacker technology to do good things hackers are called "white hat Hackers", this and network security engineers a bit the same nature. Most ordinary hackers are linked to security companies to make a living by detecting the security of their computer systems.

For example, some large network companies or some political security agencies, there are security personnel, they usually have their own systems for security testing, including the use of black hat hacker technology to attack their own systems, in order to find system vulnerabilities, timely repair, to prevent hackers by black hat hackers to use.

What's the difference between a white hat hacker and a black hat hacker?

Before introducing the difference, simply introduce what the black Hat hacker is.

Black Hat hacker Hacker is also known as "hackers" or "hacker". In contrast to white-hat hackers, black-hat hackers often use their own technology, the internet to steal other people's resources or crack down on the software, to achieve profits, is illegal.

Black Hat Hacker

Although it seems to them that this is because of technology, but this behavior often undermines the whole market order, or the disclosure of other people's privacy.

Hackers are also divided into white hat hackers and black hat hackers 2 kinds, generally we see the relevant hacker attacks reported, usually refers to black hat hackers. As Black hat hackers are mainly for their own benefit, so widely reported by the media, and white hat hackers are mainly testing security, for the enterprise or organization scanner loopholes, to prevent black hat hacker intrusion, the general media coverage is relatively small, so that users are less concerned about.

About White hat Hacker is what, its and black Hat hacker's difference is introduced here for everybody. Although white-hat hackers are the same technology used by black-hat hackers, but the goal is not the same, the former is to protect the security test, in order to find a patch of loopholes, and will not create security problems, and black hat hackers are mainly their own profit, with destructive and revealing privacy characteristics, will cause damage to the market order, or disclose the privacy of others.

Black Cloud white Hat hacker website

There are a lot of black hat hackers in the internet, but white hat hackers are also many, white hat hackers in the formal company to work, mainly to protect the company's system security, to prevent intrusion, the other online also has a number of white hat hacker platform, such as "dark clouds" is a well-known free and equal access to open vulnerability reporting platform for enterprise users to find vulnerabilities, and inform the enterprise in time.

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