What's the difference between Intel Core i3 and I5CPU

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In microcomputer, also known as microprocessor, all the operation of computer is controlled by CPU, the performance index of CPU directly determines the performance index of microcomputer system, what is the difference between Intel Core i3 and I5CPU?

Intel Core i3 can be seen as a further lite version of the Core i5, and will have a version of the 32NM process version (developed with Code Clarkdale, based on Westmere architecture). The biggest feature of Core i3 is the integration of the GPU (graphics processor), which means that the core i3 will be packaged by CPU+GPU two cores. Due to the limited performance of the integrated GPU, users want to get better 3D performance, plus a graphics card. It is worth noting that even the Clarkdale, the production process of the display core will still be 45nm.

Intel Core i3 is a dual-core processor based on the Nehalem architecture, which still features a new processor with integrated memory controller, three-level cache mode, L3 up to 8MB, and support for turbo Boost technology.

Intel Core i5 Processor: 4 Core threads 4 threads, two cache 4*256kb, three cache 8M TDP 95W.

Intel Core i3 Processor: 2 Core threads 4 threads, two cache 2*256kb, three cache 4M TDP 65W.

Their biggest difference is that I5 supports Turbo, I3 does not support, I3 only dual core, and I5 dual-core and 4-core two. As for the core i3 and i5 which good, which is suitable for you, you need to see your own needs, their computer configuration requirements, it is certainly the choice of i5 processor is better, their pursuit of cost-effective and low price, then choose i3 Processor.

  What is the Turbo band?

i5 supports turbo-frequency technology, i3 does not support turbo-frequency technology

Intel Turbo Boost Technology is a unique feature of the Intel Core I7/i5 processor and is a new technology announced by Intel. This technique can be understood as automatic overclocking. When Turbo Boost is turned on, the CPU automatically adjusts the CPU frequency according to the current task amount, thus maximizing the performance when the task is heavy, and maximizing the energy-saving advantage when the task is light.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology, not the same as processor overclocking

The first thing to clarify is that Intel Turbo Boost technology is fundamentally different from the "overclocking" technology that you mention, although it is tuned up or down to improve performance and improve energy efficiency through the processor core operating frequency adjustment. This "unique internal strength" is not by eating "vigorously pill" and "tonic" external factors, but through the Intel company's deep processor "internal strength" and "cultivation" into.

Look at the definition of Intel processor "Turbo Boost Technology" and the definition of processor "overclocking", and the difference is clear at a glance. Intel Turbo Boost Technology: an innovative technology built into Intel's latest Nehalem Microarchitecture processor that dynamically increases the operating frequency of the processor cores, depending on the needs of the actual running application, while keeping the processor running at the processor specification for power, current , voltage and temperature range. "Internal strength to fix" long-term beneficial to "physical fitness."

Processor "overclocking": the user forces all cores of the processor to run outside the processor specification limit frequency range, and indicators such as power, current, voltage, and temperature may exceed technical specifications-beyond specification. Mainly some overclocking players or computer enthusiasts in order to some specific usage mode with "exceeded" way to improve processor performance. Eat "vigorously pill", the long-term inevitable "to kill".

Both i3 and i5 are the mainstream processors of Intel, and are now very popular products, covering Intel's mid-to high-end processors, and if users need to build an Intel Computer Configuration list, the i3 and i5 two-series processors are the first choice.

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