What's going on when the computer turns on the black screen?

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Computer Boot black screen is what's going on

Computer boot black screen, after power-on, there is no display on the monitor, can be subdivided into the following situations:

1. The computer turns on the black screen, the performance is the power supply fan and the CPU fan does not move, the motherboard's light is not bright, the computer does not have any reaction. At this time, should first check the power outlets, a variety of power connectors are not good, the connection is normal, if the confirmation is correct, then please replace the power supply and try again.

2. The computer turns on the black screen, the power supply fan rotates normally, the CPU fan does not move, does not have any alarm sound, performance for the motherboard does not have any reaction. This time should first check the power supply and the motherboard power connection is plugged, if the check is tight, it may be the motherboard seriously damaged or the power supply and motherboard connection damage. Replace the power supply attempt to exclude the second possibility; Please check the motherboard exception, such as whether there is a capacitor bulge (was penetrated), the motherboard surface has no obvious damage to the line, etc., you can get the repair station under inspection, conditional words can be replaced by a motherboard to determine.

3. The computer turns on the black screen, the power supply fan and the CPU fan rotate normally, but the monitor has no display, no alarm sound.

This time, the first should be when the alarm sound damaged, troubleshoot the display, monitor and computer connectivity problems, the graphics card itself, or the card and the motherboard socket problem, but also to check the mouse keyboard connection (short circuit will also produce a black screen) and the connection of each peripheral. So it's best to use the minimum system method first. If the above error is confirmed, the fault remains. Try the following:

First understand the following knowledge: The computer startup process is a very complex process, it has a very sophisticated hardware self-test mechanism, in the power self-test for a short few seconds, the machine to complete more than 100 detection steps. First of all, to understand the two concepts: the first is the BIOS (basic input and output system), the BIOS is a group of "curing" in the computer board, directly dealing with the hardware program, the computer startup process is under the control of the motherboard BIOS. The second is the memory address, the memory installed in the computer to facilitate CPU access, each byte is given an address. Www.3lian.com

When the power supply is initially powered, the voltage is still not stable, the motherboard control chipset will send a reset signal to the CPU, so that the CPU initialization, when the power supply stabilized, the chipset will withdraw the reset signal, The CPU immediately starts from the address Ffffoh to execute the instruction, this address in the system BIOS address range, the general BIOS puts in here is a jumper instruction, jumps to the system BIOS real boot code place. The first thing to do with the system BIOS boot code is to post (power on Self test), and the main task of post isDetection of some of the system's key devices exist and can work properly, such as memory and graphics. If the system's horn emits a shrill alarm at this time, that may be the memory or display card out of the fault, the specific error can generally be judged by the length and frequency of the alarm sound, as for the specific each voice represents what, because the relevant article has been published several times, here will not elaborate. Why is it that the error should be audible to the police instead of appearing on the screen? This is because the detection procedure for post is not visible on the screen until the display card is initialized, that is, the "black screen" phase, so some fatal errors are found during post.

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