What's going on when the website goes in fast and slow?

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We open a website sometimes fast sometimes slow also has many reasons.

One of the reasons is that the Web server is not only one, often a home page has a lot of server address, so how do we find out these addresses? (Alternate will change each resolution differently)

First look at what our computer is configured DNS bar, in the local connection status and TCP/IP protocol configuration address can be seen, we will also talk about later.

In Windows XP and Win7 Win8 system is not quite the same, Win7 and above version in the beginning of the Black Command box to enter as an administrator, and XP directly click to run;

We enter the cmd command at the beginning of the operation, then return to the car;

We can directly at the command line to enter Nslookup name, and then come out of the DNS address, and then enter the domain name that needs to be resolved, then we can see Sina home page has so many addresses available, some address congestion or the server appears the number of user connections will be more slow, you ping each address, In the late peak time may have a larger address delay is small, so the speed of your visit is also related;

Different operators resolved to the address is different, we use DNS resolution to the address of the Unicom or telecom, then why there are different address resolution it? Prior to the server are telecommunications or unicom, and Mobile is the largest access to the operator, because his resources are introduced into the main , do not have their own server so resolved to the address is in the net, and the telecommunications and Google resolved to the source server address.

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