What's going on with the computer shutting down the machine?

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  Why can't the computer turn off the machine?

1. Most of the cases are virus Trojan caused the computer can not shut down normally, the more typical virus is kidnapping Trojan horse, it is a new type of destructive Trojan, unlike traditional virus, it is through kidnapping System file registry to achieve startup, resulting in computer shutdown button disappeared.

2.Windows sound file corruption caused the shutdown to fail.

An incorrect 3.CMOS setting can cause the computer to shut down normally.

4. The Advanced Power Management (APM) feature on your computer can also cause shutdown crashes or black screen problems.

  What if the computer shuts down the office?

First, the computer was damaged by Trojan virus, registry information was maliciously changed. The solution is as follows:

With Golden Hill Guardian Repair:

The first step: Enter the main interface into the "Killing Trojan"

After the installation of the second step, click on "Killing Trojan" to use the overall scanning function

Two. Users mistakenly modify the computer shutdown configuration file caused by the following repair methods

1. Start "→ run", enter "regedit" in the "Run" dialog box, click "OK" to find the following content: hkey-local- Machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpolicies Click the "System" folder, and then double-click the "ShutdownWithoutLogon" item on the right.

2., "start" → "Run", enter "Gpedit.msc" in the "Run" dialog box, then click "OK" button. In the Group Policy window, double-click the Administrative Templates → taskbar and Start menu, and then double-click the Delete and block access shutdown command on the right. In the delete and block access Shutdown Command Properties window, click the Settings tab, select Disabled, and then click OK.

Three. First you can determine whether the "Exit Windows" sound file is corrupted-open Control Panel, turn on sound, and cancel the "Exit Windows" sound. If Windows shuts down correctly, the problem is caused by exiting the sound file, to resolve this problem, you can restore the sound file from the backup or reinstall the program that provided the sound file, or you can define "exit Windows" as silent.

Four. You can enter the CMOS Setup page when the computer starts, and focus on checking CPU FSB, power management, virus detection, disconnecting in IRQ, disk boot sequence, and so on. Specific settings you can refer to your motherboard manual, which has a detailed set of instructions, if you are not aware of its settings, it is recommended that you directly restore the factory default settings can be.

Five. Check if the "Advanced Power Management (APM)" feature also causes shutdown crashes or black screen problems, open Device Manager and open system devices. In Advanced power Management, remove the Enable power management option. If the computer shuts down normally, the problem may be APM.

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