What's the use of driving a genie?

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What's the use of the drive Elf ? The main use of the Drive Wizard is two aspects, one can be driven installation, and the other is automatic hardware detection. It's very easy to operate. To drive the use of elves, Xiao Bian think it is necessary to elaborate.

What's the use of the drive Elf?

After reading the first paragraph, I believe that many novice friends already know what is the use of the Drive Wizard, light to see the name you may know the driver-related. Here we summarize the main roles of the Driver wizard.

1. Drive the problem and solve it. Does the computer have a device that doesn't work? Driver not found? The driver is too old to play new games always out of the way? This is not a matter, drive the elves to help you fix!

2. System patches, fast installation. OS patch not aligned? Lack of a variety of. Net, VC runtime causes the program not to run? Drive Wizard to make your system safe and stable, full-featured.

3. Software treasure, installed not worry. The system just installed good, need all kinds of software? Drive Wizard software Treasure House to help you realize the fast installed one-stop, what software to choose directly, fast and safe.

4. Hardware detection, identification of authenticity. Professional hardware detection function, rich content, accurate results. Penetrate the surface to see the essence, to help you determine the hardware equipment model status, JS liar can not hide.

Driver Wizard Software Interface

How does the drive elf work?

Drive Wizard software is very easy to use, all Chinese operating interface, similar to the Golden Hill Guards and  security guards, we just click to complete the operation of the mouse, because the operation is very simple, novice friends can quickly get started, the following gives a few examples of Driving wizard installation drivers for your reference, So that you can quickly learn how to use the Driver wizard.

After opening the main interface (the following figure) select "Driver" in turn, "Standard mode" select "Recommended Update Driver". If the computer base is lower, you can choose "Wizard Mode" to follow the instructions.

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