What's the use of the drive Elf?

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Often have netizens in the forum to discuss the driver installation of the problem, such as everyone asked the most: how to install the sound card driver? How to update the graphics driver! And so on, but for the novice friend we generally do not recommend the use of traditional driver installation methods, because the traditional driver installation needs to go online to download the corresponding version of the hardware-driven model, and the installation process is relatively complex, so the system of the small part of the general recommendation of the Use of Driver Wizard installation driver Drive Wizard is a very convenient driver installation software, you can automatically detect the computer hardware in the driver is abnormal, whether you can update a higher version of the driver, the most convenient is only a key to achieve the driver installation.

  What's the use of the drive Elf?

After reading the first paragraph, I believe that many novice friends already know what is the use of the Drive Wizard, light to see the name you may know the driver-related. Here we summarize the main roles of the Driver wizard.

⒈ drive problem, solve. Does the computer have a device that doesn't work? Driver not found? The driver is too old to play new games always out of the way? This is not a matter, drive the elves to help you fix!

⒉ system patch, quick install. OS patch not aligned? Lack of a variety of. Net, VC runtime causes the program not to run? Drive Wizard to make your system safe and stable, full-featured.

⒊ software Treasure, installed not worry. The system just installed good, need all kinds of software? Drive Wizard software Treasure House to help you realize the fast installed one-stop, what software to choose directly, fast and safe.

⒋ hardware detection, identify authenticity. Professional hardware detection function, rich content, accurate results. Penetrate the surface to see the essence, to help you determine the hardware equipment model status, JS liar can not hide.

Driver Wizard Software Interface

  How does the drive elf work?

Drive Wizard software is very easy to use, all Chinese operation interface, we just click the mouse to complete the required operation, because the operation is very simple, novice friends can quickly get started, the following gives a driver wizard to install the driver example to everyone, so that we can quickly learn how to use the Driver wizard.

First download and install the Driver Wizard software;

After installation, open the Driver Wizard program, you will see the following figure:

The above image contains a lot of buttons and functions, I do not detail, mainly to see the most core features-how the driver installation.

You can usually click on the logo in the above image: "Solve now", that can help you install the hardware driver, but also can help you upgrade the new version of the driver, but I suggest to the computer familiar with the students or click on the bottom of the "repair" or "Upgrade" better.

After clicking on the repair or upgrade button, you will switch to the "Driver" Update page, you need to do is to click on the "Download" button, waiting for download, click the "Install" button, of course, if there is a motherboard program is best to update the motherboard, and then the other hardware drivers, in turn installed.

Small reminder:

How to use the Driver Wizard to install the driver is not very convenient, but you have to be careful not to always go to update the driver, especially the Win7 system, which will make your C disk slowly become larger, because the driver itself download files may be in D disk, However, the solution to the driver installation and the installation of a number of different versions of the file (if you repeatedly update) will be retained in your system disk, will cause a large system disk. The trick is to use an update complete, when found that the Device Manager of the computer equipment normal, their own attempt to use the computer after feeling very normal, you can remove the Driver Wizard program, do not repeat the update, and sometimes will cause inexplicable system errors.

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