What's wrong with the yellow exclamation mark on the network connection icon?

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Fault analysis: There is a network connection of the yellow exclamation point, the first to say the meaning of the yellow exclamation mark? It means that the device driver in the computer equipment has abnormal conditions, need to find the appropriate network card driver update, that is, the problem of network card driver.

Troubleshooting: And the first thing we have to do is to find your abnormal drive device, is generally a network adapter (NIC)-driven fault, so it is recommended that you go online to download a drive wizard or drive life to repair network card driver to solve the problem. These are the official website to download the address. Of course, if your computer with the network card driver CD-ROM then it would be best, directly through the CD installation network driver and then restart the computer to see if the problem can be resolved.

Now let's show you how to see if your driver has any exceptions? Click "Start"--"control Panel"--"system"--"hardware"--"Device Manager"--click the "Scan Detect hardware Changes" button above the toolbar to see if there are any yellow warning signs in various driver columns? If so, that is the hint that the driver is not properly installed. Right-click the device that needs to be updated--Update drive--Automatically install the update driver--reboot the computer. Now check to see if your computer is recovering from trouble.

The above method can not repair the words to see your network card TCP/IP protocol is not set up to automatically obtain IP address, here, there are the following two kinds of environment is personal home and LAN network solution:

1, LAN environment (such as internal company): The workaround is to open Control Panel-Network connections, locate the current local connection, right-click it, select Properties, double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) on the General tab, select Use the following IP address, and in the IP address To fill in your unit assigned to your site, in the "subnet mask" is also fill in your unit to your mask, the DNS server is best to fill in. IP address, subnet mask, default gateway. The DNS server needs to be filled out correctly, and then try to connect to the network to see if the failure is restored.

2, personal home users Computer ADSL network, directly call the relevant service provider to inquire about. However, the general occurrence of yellow exclamation point of failure is likely to be the problem of incorrect NIC driver.

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