When debugging SharePoint web Parts, how can I start debugging by multiple people at the same time?

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If a person is debugging a web part, the w3wp process will be occupied by this person. No one else can open any asp.net program on the website.
Is there any good way,
Can project team members start debugging at the same time without concurrent conflicts?

Solution: new features based on IIS 6: Application Pool
Each Application Pool starts an independent w3wp.exe process.
Therefore, you can configure different wss websites to map the same wss website.

For example, the website on port 80 of the Server is a Virtual Server that requires multiple developers to perform remote debugging at the same time. The site name is Default Server.

1. IIS configuration
1.1 Open IIS, create a website for debugging, and allocate a port, for example, Port 88. The Home Directory is the same as the Default Server.
II. SharePoint Configuration
2.1 go to SharePoint Central Administration-> Virtual Server Configuration/Extend or upgrade virtual server
2.2 click the newly created website name in the Virtual Server List to go to the Extend Virtual Server page.
2.3 Select Provisioning Options as Extend and map to another virtual server to enter the Extend and Map to Another Virtual Server page
2.4 configure Virtual Server options:
Server Mapping: Default Server
The Application Pool item is Create a new application pool, enter the relevant information as prompted, and then press OK to complete

After the operation is successful,
Note that the Application Pool on the server has an additional Application Pool just created,
After the development machine enters http: // server: 88, the server starts one more w3wp.exe process.
Multiple w3wp.exe have different IDs and are independent,
As for which w3wp.exe process is yours, this... can only be tried one by one :(

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